Coping Tips for Parents Supporting Children Through Stressful Times

October 14, 2020joelleva

It is often acknowledged that school is a very stressful time for students. The parents of students, however, can often also take on second-hand stress in their role of caring for their children. This is a fact which is not often talked about, but is very important.

Let’s explore some of the strategies you can employ to lighten at least a bit of the load. What can parents do to look after themselves when it comes to supporting children through schooling?

Get in touch with teachers

If you’re concerned about your children and what’s going on with them at school, don’t hesitate to reach out to their teacher(s) for support. Teachers will usually have ideas about how to help with whatever you’re worried about, and should be able to look out for your child specifically if you express concern in a particular area.

Try and keep to a routine

Routines can help to minimise stress – both for your children, and for you! In particular, healthy sleeping routines help when it comes to getting enough energy to get through each new day. Try to go to bed and wake up at similar times each day, and see if you can keep mealtimes consistent, too.

Give yourself the space you provide for your kids

Much of the time, parents prioritise their kids’ needs over their own – it’s often an unavoidable part of parenting! But if you prioritise getting your child their own space to work or relax, make sure you also prioritise taking some time for yourself. By modelling this to your children, you’re not being selfish, but showing them through your own actions that everyone deserves and needs some time to unwind on their own.

Get someone else to help out if you can

As children get older, it can get more challenging to help them with their homework. Consider getting someone to help them who has been through the school system more recently – perhaps an older sibling, a friend, a babysitter, or a tutor. Remember that you don’t need to shoulder the load of supporting your child alone.

Get professional support if you need it

Ultimately, if you are struggling, never forget that you can reach out for professional support. School can be tough for parents, just as much as it can be for children. Prioritising your mental health will always help your children, too, and will show them that taking care of yourself is important.

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