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Becoming a tutor just got a whole lot easier.

Learnmate provides a supportive environment for tutors to do what they do best across Australia. Whether you are an established tutor, experienced teacher or just getting started, Learnmate will connect you with students and the resources you need to develop and succeed as a tutor.

We are always excited to welcome new tutors to our team. Please review our Applicant requirements below and if you satisfy these requirements, apply to become a tutor on Learnmate today.

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Tutor online through Learnmate’s online learning platform, which has been engineered to create an optimal learning environment for students.
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Over 7,000+ students tutored across Australia since 2015 and new students joining our platform everyday looking for a tutor.
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Learnmate takes care of all of the administration associated with tutoring for you, so you can focus on your student’s goals rather than paperwork.
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Learnmate’s tutors have flexibility to decide the hourly rate you want to charge, what you want to teach and when and where you want to work.

Applicant requirements

To apply as a tutor, tutors must meet certain qualification requirements including that they are either a:

  • qualified teacher with an accredited teaching qualification; or
  • high school graduate with an ATAR of 85.00 or higher.


Additionally, you must:

  • be 18 years of age
  • have a valid and unexpired Working with Children Check (if you do not have one currently, we will provide you with the appropriate avenues to easily obtain one)
  • be able to commit at least 3 hours per week to any one student and willing to tutor for the entire year (unless otherwise agreed with the student)
  • have excellent communication skills and command of the English Language
  • comply with Learnmate’s policies including Learnmate’s Reliability Policy, and be disciplined, able to work without supervision, punctual and have excellent personal presentation
  • be enthusiastic, engaging, personable and committed to helping customers achieve their full potential!


After registering, Learnmate will request evidence to verify that you satisfy our minimum qualifications (be it based on your ATAR and/or teaching accreditation).

Tutors must publish in their public Learnmate profile the relevant qualifications that they have and which relate to the subject or field that the tutor provides tuition in, including where applicable, the relevant final RAW and SCALED scores that were received in a subject.

Learnmate gives you complete freedom to set your own rates,* work your own hours and choose your preferred method of tutoring (online, in-person or both).

*Subject to Learnmate’s Tutor T&Cs.

Learnmate costs nothing to join and provides endless opportunity, so what are you waiting for?

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