How to Support Your Kids Through School

September 25, 2020joelleva

We often focus on how kids can improve their experiences of school. But what about the people that care for these children – can they help? In fact, by showing interest in how your child is doing at school, you are sending the message that school can be a time which is fun and interesting for them. And no, this doesn’t mean simply focusing on their grades. Although, it has been found that teenagers perform better academically if their parents are engaged.

For parents or anyone caring for someone going through school, what are some ways you can offer meaningful support?

Provide a distraction-free zone in the house

Children growing up in busier households might find it harder to concentrate and get their work done. Consider installing a desk in a quieter part of the house where your child can go and work undisturbed. This shows also that you care about supporting them in whatever way you can.

Give them time management tips

Organisational skills are generally not taught at school, but are critical to success as school gets busier. Help your child set up a system with a planner, or give them other tips to help them manage their time. Make sure they aren’t overstretched if it is a busy school year – maybe they simply don’t have the time to do dance and piano lessons and work and rowing all at once during Year 12.

Ensure they get good food, especially before school

A great breakfast provides the energy for a child to get through the school day. Eating food which does not provide adequate energy will take a big toll on your child’s concentration and ability to complete schoolwork. A nutritious packed lunch is also important, to ensure they retain the energy throughout the rest of the day.

Encourage reading

Reading provides so many benefits to kids, cognitively, academically and as a simple way to get them off their electronic devices. It doesn’t matter what kind of book they’re reading; any kind of reading will help. In fact, this may be one of the biggest factors in how a child performs at English, which is a compulsory subject all the way through school.

Offer help – and seek help if needed

Going through school can be a really tough time, academically or otherwise. If your child is struggling with schoolwork, consider sitting down with them and helping them through it, or engaging a tutor who specialises in the area. Mental health is another big concern for many parents of children not coping with school – if this is an issue, look into finding a mental health professional to support you, as well as your child.

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