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Tutoring packages and discounts

Save money: purchase a prepaid tutoring package

At Learnmate, we believe in rewarding commitment. That’s why we offer a 10% discount on our 10-lesson packages and a 15% discount on our 15-lesson packages.

This is equivalent to receiving one or more free lessons, depending on the package you choose!

Our discount packages are hugely popular with students because they allow students to spend more time with a tutor for less. Why not look into our package options and start your learning journey today?

  • Purchase a 10-lesson package to receive one free session, or a 15-lesson package to receive two free sessions with your tutor when compared to paying for lessons individually.
  • Your package can be put towards in-person tutoring, online tutoring or both! If you decide to switch the mode of tutoring at any time, your package will be unaffected.
  • There’s no need to commit to a strict lesson schedule. You have the freedom to learn your way and use the balance in your package when you want to.

To purchase a tutoring package, fill out the form below with your details. We will email you an invoice within one business day, which you can review before payment.



We’ve curated answers to some commonly asked questions. If you have a question that does not appear here, please reach out to our helpful support team

Is the discount taken from my tutor's rate?

No! We are firm believers that tutors receive the rate they have set as fair payment for their time and expertise. The discount is covered by Learnmate and does not come out of your tutor’s pocket.

Does the credit expire?

Credits expire 3 years after the date of issue of a prepaid package.

Is the credit deducted on a pay as you go basis?

Yes! You don’t need to worry about having set lessons each week; just have your lessons when you need them, and it will be deducted from your package when a lesson is marked as completed.

What happens if I miss a lesson?

Please see our Cancellation Policy for information relating to missed or cancelled lessons. Whether or not you are charged (and your package is deducted) for a missed lesson will depend on whether or not you provided the required notice to your tutor as specified in our policy.

Can I use the package between multiple tutors?

We understand that students often require a number of tutors and not always at the same hourly rate. Our packages are not restricted to a set tutor or hourly rate. We offer a flat 10% or 15% discount (as applicable) across all of your sessions, regardless of the tutors’ rate.

When applying for a package, let us know how many sessions you intend to have with each tutor you intend to engage (including the hourly rate that they charge) and our team will create a package and apply the discount accordingly.

You will receive an invoice for the prepaid package to review – this will include a break-down of how we’ve calculated your package cost and the applicable discount for each lesson and tutor. You can alter this before commencing the package if you decide to change the number of sessions with a particular tutor.

How can I check my prepaid package balance online?

To check your prepaid package balance, all you need to do is login to your account and click on the Billing tab and select Transactions. The package balance should be located under the Record column and will begin with CN, followed by 5 or 6 unique digits.

What happens if I want a refund on the balance of my package?

If you don’t use up all of your prepaid package, you can choose to either:

  • Refund the balance: The discount available under a package is provided on the basis that all 10 or 15 lessons (as applicable) will be completed. If you do not complete all the lessons in your package, Learnmate can refund the balance remaining under the package less the value of the discount you received on the lesson(s) completed (i.e. the lesson you have completed will be charged at full value)’
  • Gift: Gift any unused credit by referring a new student or family to Learnmate and informing Learnmate by email that you are gifting them your unused credit to use; or
  • Gift: Gift the credit back to Learnmate solely for use in promotions, giveaways, as part of Learnmate’s ‘Gives Back’ program, scholarships or other like on-gifting initiatives that Learnmate may have from time to time to help people in the community access quality tuition.

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of this Offer: This offer entitles the recipient to 10% or 15% off the total cost of a 10 or 15-lesson package (respectively) with a tutor(s) of their choice. Tutor rates may vary as advertised by a tutor in their online profile on Learnmate. This offer is not to be used in conjunction with any other offer found on Learnmate’s website or offered by Learnmate unless it expressly states otherwise, including past prepayments made by customers to Learnmate. Customers may purchase discount packages at any time. If a refund is requested for any part of a prepaid package, the balance will be refunded save for the value of the discount applied (ie. if you purchased a 10-lesson package of $50 lessons at a 10% discount for $450 and completed only 5 lessons, those 5 lessons will be charged at a non-discounted price of $250, and the balance of $200 will be refunded to you). After each lesson, your account will be debited with the lesson’s value, allowing you to see the remaining balance of the package.