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Established in 2015 to help Australian school students find a tutor easily and simply, Learnmate has become the go-to platform for tutors and coaches to showcase their services to parents and students all across Australia. 

By using the search bar above, you can start your search to find a school tutor, language or musical instrument teacher, business or life coach today. Whether you are after the best English, Maths, Science, Guitar, Spanish or Coding tutors, or a business or life coach, Learnmate will help you find the perfect 1-1 tutor near you.

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Who are tutors on Learnmate?

Learnmate provides a platform for expert private tutors, whether online or near you, to list their services and to make it easy for parents and students to find them. All tutors listed on Learnmate are vetted for quality assurance and must meet certain minimum qualifications and standards. Typically, tutors on Learnmate are either:

  • high achieving former students;
  • professional tutors;
  • registered school teachers;
  • professional mentors or coaches; or
  • have strong experience in a skill or subject.

All tutors have the opportunity to complete training program to continue their professional development as a tutor. Tutors on Learnmate teach frankly everything – whether that's English, maths, biology, chemistry, physics, science, VCE, HSC, QCE, WACE, SACE, TCE or IB, financial management, public speaking, German or the guitar!

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8,000+ students tutored nationally since 2015.

More than 1000+ qualified tutors to choose from.

Over 130,000 hours of tutoring delivered.

An average 4.8-star Google rating from our students.

  • "Excellent opportunities for students to reach out to you."

    Learnmate functions in a way that provides excellent opportunities for students to reach out to you (instead of being allocated students) this usually results in a better pairing.


  • "Learnmate takes on all of the administration and financial aspects" Learnmate takes on all of the administration and financial aspects. This means that you can tutor without worrying about having to ask for money from your students. DANIELLE, TUTOR
  • "The online training course at the start of my journey was super helpful."

    The online training course at the start of my journey was super helpful and taught me a lot about tutoring that I didn't know - like lesson planning.


  • "Constant support, resources and advice."

    Learnmate is a great company fo work for, with consfant support, resources and advice. Learnmate allows me fo advertise my tuforing services, schedule lessons with students and fakes care of all the billing for me.


  • "You have all the flexibility"

    You have all the flexibility. You decide when you have the lessons with your students and decide the rate you want to charge.


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