Study Timetable Template for Students – Download Now

Your custom year 12 study timetable template is just a click away! To success in your high school assessments and exams, you need to PLAN your study schedule. 

Remember that as you have many assessments to complete, it’s important that you not only plan your study schedule but ALSO stick to it! Many students plan study schedules, but fail to adhere to it. To make use of this exam study planner, download and print it out – then fill it in and put it up on the wall. Alternatively, you may choose to type it in Word.

Some tips when planning your study schedule:

  • Try to allocate some time for rest and relaxation throughout your study week as over-studying can be just as ineffective as under-studying.
  • Focus on being effective, not necessarily efficient. Do what works for you in terms of how you best study. Just because your friend seems to study faster in an hour for Maths doesn’t mean you’ll be able to. It’s not always about how much work you can cram into the hour (efficiency), but rather how effective that allocation of time is suited to your learning style.
  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses with respect to the subject. If you know you’re weaker in English than Maths, perhaps you could devote more time to English in your timetable planner while ensuring you don’t compromise in other subject areas. This also includes having a balanced life outside of study.
  • What happens if you are not able to stick to the schedule? Try it out the first week or two and make changes as the days go along. Eventually you’ll find a groove that suits both you personally and your lifestyle.
  • We recommend not cramming too much into a weekend or weekday evening after school as other circumstances may appear that limit time, so keep it to a maximum of 2 – 3 subjects per night and 3 – 4 on the weekend. This will ensure each subject gets sufficient attention while ensuring your have a balanced life.
  • Start off by going through all content and knowledge learnt throughout the year FIRST. Then move onto the practical application.
  • You can purchase notes from other students or independent companies, but make sure you also make your own notes to ensure memorability of information.
  • Try to write all practice pieces and NOT type it. This will ensure you’re prepared for exam-like conditions.
  • Try to practice assessments under timed conditions, so that you can practice under pressure. Remove all distractions, including your phone.

Remember to STICK TO THE SCHEDULE. Of course, there will be days when you’re not feeling well or have other commitments, so when planning keep in mind what you can do and what is achievable based on your strengths and weaknesses. This means don’t overfill it and then not commit to any of it!




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Study Timetable Template for Students – Download Now

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