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Where can I find a private tutor in Sydney?

Learnmate’s experienced tutors provide one-on-one and group lessons to suit our students’ learning needs. We have a strong cohort of tutors that service a range of locations across Sydney, so whether you’re looking for lessons at home, online, at a public library or elsewhere, you’re sure to find a tutor that suits you.

All of our tutors in Sydney possess a Working with Children Check and undergo online training, giving you complete assurance that you’re engaging a tutor who is knowledgeable and trusted.

We have tutors available to teach English, maths, science, biology, physics, economics, chemistry, and more. No matter what subject you need help with, you’ll find the best tutors in Sydney with Learnmate.

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Private tutors in Sydney by subject

With Learnmate’s network of over 1,000 experienced tutors teaching online and in-person across Australia, you’re sure to find your perfect tutor in Sydney. Here are just some of the subjects our tutors can help you with:

Students who successfully graduate from secondary school in NSW are awarded the Higher School Certificate, or HSC.

In order to attain the HSC, students must complete at least 12 units of Preliminary courses (usually undertaken in Year 11) and at least 10 units of HSC courses (usually taken in Year 12). Most courses are two units. English is the only compulsory course in the HSC, and students may choose between a variety of different English courses.

For more information about the HSC, explore the program’s website here.

Fun fact: The Sydney Morning Herald is Australia’s oldest publication. It has been in print since 1831.   

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