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Learnmate's pricing

Our prices are fair and affordable.

Learnmate’s prices are budget-friendly to ensure tutoring is affordable for our students.

Our primary and high school tutors charge different hourly rates depending on their experience, qualifications, and method of tutoring (in-person or online). Generally speaking, prices range on average between $30 – $70+ per hour.

You can find a tutor’s pricing plan on their online profile when you conduct your search for a tutor.

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Why choose Learnmate?

Here are just some of the reasons why Learnmate offers a superior learning experience to independent tutoring or mass group lessons.

Other independent tutors


Per lesson

Per student

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Tutors may not be qualified in the subjects that they teach
Fill 1
No background checks required
Fill 1
No standard of training for tutors
Fill 1
Finding a suitable tutor can be time intensive

Learnmate Tutoring


Per lesson

Per student

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Best tutors with proven results and options at every price point
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Comprehensive training and resources available to tutors
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All tutors have Working with Children Checks
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In-person or online tutoring available
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Generic Group Tutoring


Per lesson

Per student

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Mass-produced programs for groups and not tailored to individual needs
Fill 1
Limited training and resources provided to tutors who are equipped with a script to follow rather than skills to teach
Fill 1
Lessons only available at a tutoring centre
Fill 1
Tutor unable to provide all students with tailored support

It's easy to get connected to a tutor with Learnmate.

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Search for a Tutor
Search through our verified and experienced tutors and shortlist those that best suit your needs. You can search and filter by mode (1:1 and/or group), type (online and/or in-person), price, subjects and more!
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Register and Access
Sign up with Learnmate to create an account and receive your selected tutor(s)'s contact details. You can schedule lessons, update your credit or debit card details and request prepaid packages for discounted lessons all through your account!
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Schedule a Lesson
Contact your preferred tutor(s) for more information and schedule a lesson at a time and location that suits you, whether in-person (i.e. at your home, school or local library) or online. Subject to tutor availability, you have complete freedom to have lessons wherever and whenever you choose.
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Paying Your Invoice
Learnmate will charge your credit or debit card automatically after each lesson is completed. You will receive a confirmation email when payment has been processed. See our Terms and Conditions for more information around payment processes on Learnmate.