Becoming a tutor just became a whole lot easier.

Are you new to tutoring or an established pro? Maybe you are looking for an opportunity to take on more tutoring jobs? LearnMate makes becoming a successful tutor a breeze. LearnMate’s mission is to provide excellent primary and high school tutors to our students (P – 12). To ensure that our students love what we do and learn lots along the way, we provide online personal training to our tutors for free – giving them the tools they need to be great at their job. LearnMate allows you to choose if you’d like to tutor online or in-person (or both). Here’s how it works.

LEARNMATE ALSO OFFERS ONLINE TUTORING! In addition to in-person lessons, LearnMate offers online tutoring to all students, so if you’re new to LearnMate be sure to register for free today: CLICK HERE

Step One: Register

If you've got what it takes to be a primary school and/or high school tutor, then please register for an account. Please take into account the registration requirements when applying. We will then reply to your application within one business day.

Step Two: Profile

After approval, we will then request information about you to be publicly displayed on your online LearnMate profile for the world to see! You will also be given login details to access your personal LearnMate account.

Step Three: Log

After each lesson occurs with a student (either in-person or online: it's your choice), you simply need to log the lesson details in your LearnMate account and we will collect payment from the student. No need to worry about administrative hassles again!

Step Four: Payment

Unlike most agencies that pay monthly, LearnMate pays weekly via bank transfer! As we securely store our customers’ credit cards on file, you’re guaranteed to be paid when a lesson occurs, so you never have to worry about chasing up payments from students or parents!

Register to become a LearnMate tutor today!

Register to become a LearnMate tutor today!

  • LearnMate tutoring is a great agency for tutors to gain access to a diverse range of students. One of the best things about being part of this organisation is that I not only get to help the students that I tutor personally, but also other students as well through the LearnMate blog, where we as tutors are able to write up tips to help students succeed in their VCE. 

    Henry Ja – Current LearnMate Tutor
  • Being part of LearnMate has offered me a great opportunity to combine two things that I love – learning and teaching – into a job that will both support me throughout my university years, and help me to gain valuable experience in dealing with clients, preparing lessons and resources, and conveying information in a way that appeals to all kinds of learners.  LearnMate’s owner, Dmitri, has also been highly supportive and has helped me to establish a vast clientèle conveniently based around my local area.  I am very glad that I seized this chance to become a VCE tutor.  Thanks LearnMate!

    Tim Lilley – Current LearnMate Tutor
  • LearnMate has been an incredibly supportive employer, I have learned a lot under Dmitri and the team's friendly and professional guidance. I started off with no tutoring experience and now can write lesson plans, communicate with students and tutor them at the drop of a hat. Working with LearnMate has made me much more employable as a tutor and helped further my career goals for teaching. The website for tutors makes organising lessons and communicating with students so easy, and having that structure made learning how to be a professional and organised tutor my primary focus. I can't speak highly enough of Dmitri and the team's commitment to supporting each tutor to the best of their ability, handling small and large questions and issues with ease. I'd recommend LearnMate to potential students and tutors alike.

    Emma H – Past LearnMate Tutor
  • My student just messaged me that she was crying because of her English Sac result. I immediately prepared to console her until she dropped the bomb that she got her first ever B+!! She's only ever averaged D's and occasional C's, so she's absolutely over the moon. Just thought I'd let you know about this improvement. I'd also just like to say thank you for hiring me haha. Her excitement and joy at this amazing grade made me so so happy I can't even describe it. My hard work has paid off, and hers certainly has too. Ahh I'm so happy. This is why I tutor; to see their excitement and happiness when they improve.

    Sarah D – Current LearnMate Tutor
  • LearnMate Tutoring has been a fantastic experience, and given me the opportunity to grow my student portfolio. It has enabled me to meet many different students from different schools, areas and abilities. With LearnMate taking care of all my advertising, and the easy session logging using the website, it is a very clean, efficient way of managing students and sessions. It's a privilege to be part of the organisation.

    James Z – Current LearnMate Tutor
  • LearnMate has improved my tutoring business considerably. Along with providing new clients, the LearnMate website has aided me in organising my schedule and broadening the my online presence. The site is user-friendly and allows tutors control over where and when they work.

    Nick X – Current LearnMate Tutor
  • LearnMate has been wonderful with providing training and opportunities which have helped me build my professional repertoire and extend my tutoring skills. This has been a wonderful experience and I've had the opportunity to work with bright, capable VCE students independently while receiving support from Dmitri who has been both communicative and very friendly.

    Kathy G – Current LearnMate Tutor
  • Being a tutor at LearnMate has given me the skills to refine and enhance my teaching methods so as to ensure that each student is truly reaching their potential! The guidance and support from the LearnMate community creates a unique space whereby everyone is engaged with the latest VCE study plans!

    Penny H – Current LearnMate Tutor
  • During my time as a tutor at LearnMate, I have felt privileged to be able to work with and help a wonderfully diverse array of students in achieving their VCE goals through such a great organisation. Without Dmitri's continual support and communication, I feel that my progress as a tutor would have been harder to achieve. I've found this experience fulfilling and enjoyable. It's fantastic to see my students reach their potential!

    Camilla E – Current LearnMate Tutor
  • LearnMate has definitely helped me connect with students who are passionate about learning. The diversity that LearnMate provides makes our job even more rewarding!

    Violet S – Current LearnMate Tutor

LearnMate strives to provide excellent tutors for all of our students. To do this, we provide online training to you for free.  LearnMate will teach you the following:

  • How to write an advertisement for your profile;
  • How to set up the legal aspects of your business;
  • How to determine your hourly charge;
  • How to prepare lesson plans for each lesson;
  • How to tailor your teaching to the student’s learning style;
  • How to answer calls from students;
  • How to tutor in-person and/or online, and so much more!

Everything you need to be a success and to help students to achieve their best is provided as a part of our induction. All you need is motivation, dedication and to sign up with LearnMate.

Becoming a LearnMate tutor is simple! All you need to do is fill out the online application form here and we will respond to your application within one business day.

In order to ensure high quality tutors to our clients, we do place certain requirements on new LearnMate tutors. Please visit the registration page to view all requirements needed to be approved for an application.

A LearnMate online account is where tutors will be able to login and log lessons, view past lessons, view client contact details, update contact details, and view paycheques to you from LearnMate.

The LearnMate online account makes administration much easier for both you, the tutor, and your clients!

You will be given access to your own LearnMate online account after approval of your application.

Both! LearnMate gives tutors the flexibility to tutor where and when you’d like, depending on your location and preferences.

We allow tutors to tutor anywhere in-person or online, or both.

To get started, sign up for free here today!

Your LearnMate online profile is your own unique LearnMate page which will be indexed on search engines as well as having a direct link to the Meet Our Tutors page. This will be where most students and parents will be able to get to know you, your credentials and personality. Be sure to include you hobbies and personal interest in your profile content!

Your online profile will be set up by LearnMate after approval of your application. We will ask for any content about you that will be included in your online profile.

If you are unsure as to how to write content for your online profile, then refer to the LearnMate Tutor Training Course which will teach you how to write a compelling and insightful advertisement!

In order to ensure systematic consistency on the LearnMate site, we require all tutors to record/log their lessons on the LearnMate account after each lesson occurs.

All you need to do is login and click on ‘Calendar’ in the top navigation bar. Then in the drop down box, you simply need to click ‘Add Lessons’ and fill in the relevant details such as time, date of lesson, costs, lesson notes and lesson feedback to parents (if applicable).

After you submit your lesson, we will then send the invoice to the parent, who will then pay the outstanding invoice. LearnMate will then pay you your earnings every week, minus LearnMate’s 30% commission.

Unfortunately, due to security and administration issues, LearnMate cannot allow its tutors to accept cash from parents. Should a client offer you cash, please politely decline and refer them to LearnMate.

  • All payments from clients are done through automatic credit card processing. Please inform your clients that their credit card on file will be debited after the lesson occurs.
  • Tutors must not collect cash or bank transfer, or any other payment method, from their clients as this is against our terms and conditions and will result in termination.
  • Tutors are paid every Tuesday morning for lessons from the previous weeks/months up until 12am of that Tuesday morning, provided you mark all of your scheduled lessons as attended.
  • You can see an example of the payment instructions clients receive when they join LearnMate to request tutoring services from you (just for your own knowledge).

Note: your details are kept 100% on our server and are protected by a 128 bit SSL secure server.

LearnMate has a reliability policy in place to ensure that all tutors and students are treated fairly. 

This reliability policy aims to eradicate the issue of tutors leaving their students either after the first lesson with a new student, or after a few lessons, or after a large number of lessons: without a truly valid reason. Being ‘busy with exams’ or ‘having too much on your plate’ is not a valid excuse for leaving a student at such short notice. When a tutor begins with a student, this is a commitment to their success in their studies.

Please read more here:

LearnMate gives complete freedom to its tutors. You can choose how much to charge clients per hour and what is fair for your time. Unlike other tutoring agencies, LearnMate does not impose a set hourly rate.

Your hourly rate will be displayed on your LearnMate online profile for all clients to see.

If you are having trouble working out how much to charge per hour, then please contact us and we will advise a suitable hourly rate based on your experience and qualifications.

To let us know of you payment details, you need to simply login to your account and under the ‘Profile’ tab, you need to click ‘Edit’ and then you can add it under ‘additional details’.

We will also ask for your details after your application has been approved, and we will insert it into the system at that time.

Note: your details are kept 100% on our server and are protected by a 128 bit SSL secure server.

The LearnMate Online Training Course is a unique training platform developed by LearnMate specifically for high school tutors. It takes into account the founder’s own personal experience, having built his own tutoring clientele to 25 students per week.

LearnMate will concisely cover the following topics:

  • How to write an effective advertisement for your LearnMate profile
  • How to communicate effectively
  • How to develop strong people skills
  • How to organise your notes and appointments
  • How to prepare for each lesson and how to follow up with student
  • How to develop presales call techniques
  • And so much more!

All for free! There is never any cost for LearnMate tutors to partake in this online training. It’s all part of our commitment to ensure 100% quality and satisfaction to our clients.

A 30% commission is charged on all billable hours. This is outlined in a document provided to tutors upon induction. Learn more here.

With the commission also comes PROTECTION of your payment. With LearnMate, as we securely store our customers’ credit cards on file, you’re guaranteed to be paid when a lesson occurs, so you never have to worry about chasing up payments from student or parent! If you choose to go direct with a student, you lose the protection that LearnMate provides in ensuring you’re paid and so you will be at the discretion of a client to pay you.

You can tutor any primary school, high school, HSC, QCE, BSSS, SACE, TASC, WACE or VCE subject you desire, provided you have an excellent study score in that subject. You can also choose to tutor in-person or online, giving you complete flexibility as to how to you wish to tutor.

We generally expect at least 4 hours per week from tutors who commit to LearnMate. It may be more, but you can advise us of your availability upon registration.

Yes, you need to provide as much content about you as possible, which we will include in your online profile. If you are struggling to come up with content about you, then please get in touch as we will be able to help. See an example of a LearnMate online profile here.

Your online profile is your own unique LearnMate page which will be indexed on search engines as well as having a direct link to the Search page.

Register to become a LearnMate tutor today!

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