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Learnmate is a trusted community marketplace that connects school students looking for personalised 1:1 or group study support with tutors all over Australia.

Learnmate’s community includes over 1,000 aspiring neurosurgeons, doctors, lawyers, engineers, mathematicians, data scientists, web developers, pilots, politicians, future leaders and qualified teachers. Our community are looking for online or in-person tutoring opportunities to help the next generation of school students achieve their full potential.

Our tutors and teachers are our heroes. They work tirelessly to help students achieve their academic goals. These are the people you want to learn from!

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$20 free credit. 100% Good Fit Guarantee.

For a limited time, all new student sign-ups will receive a $20 credit to use towards your 1st paid lesson with your tutor.

If you complete your first hour with a tutor and they’re not the right fit for you, the first hour is on us care of our Good Fit Guarantee.

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Largest network of Primary & High School Tutors and Teachers

Learnmate Tutoring Primary
Primary School Tutoring
Build a solid foundation for future academic success.
Learnmate Tutoring 7 to 10
Year 7 to 10 Tutoring
Get ahead of the school curriculum or focus on key areas.
Learnmate Tutoring 11 & 12
Year 11 & 12 Tutoring
Learn from tutors who achieved high ATARs themselves!

Find Primary School Tutors to help in English, maths & science

Doing well in primary school can help your child gain confidence and set the foundation for future years of academic success. At Learnmate, we believe every child deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential. Help your child by finding a tutor to help in areas that they’re struggling to grasp or to help them get ahead of the curriculum.

Learnmate has can help you find primary school tutors and teachers near you or online, who offer English, maths and science tutoring (among other subjects).

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Find Year 7 to 10 Tutors to start excelling at school

In years 7, 8, 9 and 10, your child will juggle learning a breadth of subjects and taking on added responsibilities. Some of these subjects they may naturally excel in, some they may find difficulty grasping in the classroom setting.

Individualised or small group attention and tutoring can be extremely beneficial for students who want to accelerate their learning or to catch up and learn at their own pace.

Learnmate’s high school tutors have experience in structuring and planning lessons and supporting students across all year levels for a range of subjects.

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Find Year 11 and 12 Tutors and get the ATAR you need

When it comes to Year 11 and Year 12 tutoring, Learnmate has the largest network of tutors including tutors who achieved 99+ ATARs, perfect study scores, Premier’s Awards Recipients, Academic and Meritorious Scholarship Recipients, UCAT 99th percentilers and Teachers with a lifetime of experience and Masters degrees!

Tutors for all curriculums: HSC, IB, QCE, BSSS, SACE, TASC, WACE, VCE and UCAT.

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Over 8,000+ students have tutored with Learnmate

Learnmate Tutoring 120000+
hours tutored
To primary and high school students throughout Australia since 2015!
Learnmate Tutoring 99+
ATAR tutors
Top tutors include experienced teachers and students who had perfect study scores & 99 ATARs.
Learnmate Tutoring 7 in 10
students engage tutors
Our research shows 7 in 10 students who achieve ATARs of 99+ engage one or more tutors

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