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Where learning leads to student excellence.

Learnmate is a trusted Australian community platform that connects students who want 1:1 or small group study support, with tutors looking to share their knowledge and generate income opportunities. Learnmate tutors offer in-person and online tutoring for all primary school and secondary school subjects, including the HSC, IB, QCE, BSSS, SACE, TASC, WACE, VCE and UCAT curriculums.

At Learnmate, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to better themselves through education regardless of where they live or what their abilities are. To help students in their academic pursuits, Learnmate’s platform:

  • enables students to connect with thousands of talented tutors who Learnmate has screened and trained;
  • supports tutors with high-quality resources to help enhance their tutoring service; and
  • creates and promotes price competition so you receive affordable and competitive tutoring rates.
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The tutoring support you need, bundled up with great value.

Learnmate is now offering bundled tutoring support, loaded with great value.

These are great for Year 11 and 12 students looking to get ahead of Term 4 and start preparing for exams.

Also suitable for students or parents who need support with homeschooling.

You can purchase any of our lesson bundles via our site and book all your lessons with your tutor(s) for the term.

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It's easy to get connected to a tutor with Learnmate.

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Search for a Tutor
Search through our verified and experienced tutors and shortlist those that best suit your needs. You can search and filter by mode (1:1 and/or group), type (online and/or in-person), price, subjects and more!
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Register and Access
Sign up with Learnmate to create an account and receive your selected tutor(s)'s contact details. You can schedule lessons, update your credit or debit card details and request prepaid packages for discounted lessons all through your account!
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Schedule a Lesson
Contact your preferred tutor(s) for more information and schedule a lesson at a time and location that suits you, whether in-person (i.e. at your home, school or local library) or online. Subject to tutor availability, you have complete freedom to have lessons wherever and whenever you choose.
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Paying Your Invoice
Learnmate will charge your credit or debit card automatically after each lesson is completed. You will receive a confirmation email when payment has been processed. See our Terms and Conditions for more information around payment processes on Learnmate.

The Heart and Values of Learnmate...

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We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to better themselves through education - whether that’s personally, professionally or academically - regardless of where they live, how old or young they are or their abilities. We make it possible through our trusted platform.

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We want to connect people looking to learn and improve themselves with tutors and teachers wanting to share their knowledge and earn or supplement their income.

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Champions of change

The heart of what we do is helping people in our community improve themselves, each other and for everyone to achieve their full potential. Whether that’s a better study score, be more confident, help make ends meet or become a better teacher. Be crystal clear on both your student’s objective and potential, and your own goals.

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The Learnmate community should treat parents, students, tutors and those around us like mates. Respect them, support them and always act in and assume others are acting in good faith with the right intent. That’s what mates do.

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Young at heart

While we get things done, and done well for that matter, we believe that it’s important to let our inner child roam free every now and again. Remember your audience and have fun.

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