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Our mission is to empower students all over Australia to achieve amazing results and make their dreams come true! Here are just a few cases of success (be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to see video reviews from past students & parents).

  • Chloe has been fantastic! She has been very professional in her approach. Chloe has tuned into Alyssa's needs and her tutoring has been so far of great benefit. Alyssa hasn't been stressed about her maths since starting with Chloe. Would highly recommend her to any student struggling with their maths!

    Anna D
  • Mitchell’s tutoring lessons are going really well, Kate is fantastic and Mitch is really getting a lot from her. Tianhe is a lovely girl and has told me she likes tutoring Mitch. Thank you so much for being so helpful, So professional.

    Nareeda B
  • James is enjoying his sessions with Nick and finding lessons very useful.  He is comfortable with Nick and finds Nick very accommodating and informed in all areas he is needing assistance with.

    Alex H
  • The lesson was really good! Better than I expected it to be. Emi was really nice and she explained everything really well and clearly and gave me some extra information I didn't know about.

    Natalija B
  • Thank you for your excellent tutor, whom I felt was worth every cent. I was surprised to see Sarah's original rate and that is why I asked her to increase her rate for our sessions. She is an excellent tutor, and my daughters have had private tutors  and tutors from "Tutoring Excellence". Sarah is a stand out!  She is professional, true to her profile, organised, and an excellent role model for students. Please pass on our thanks to Sarah. Best wishes for your continual thriving business of motivated tutors!

    Patricia C
  • James is one of a kind- he has outstanding interpersonal and communication skills which quickly enable him to engage with his students and adopt his tutoring to their individual learning styles and needs. He quickly isolates their learning challenges and identifies the most time efficient straight forward approach to address a student's learning difficulties. He is able to make chemistry easy to learn. This testimonial does not do adequate justice to a tutor who is more insightful and understanding beyond his years in his support of the academic needs of his students."

    Parent of Current Student
  • Thanks for recommending Sophie. May I say that Sophie went out of her way to help Ilaria with her SAC. Sophie was able to clearly model what had to be done. She was very supportive as Ilaria was  lacking in confidence  and quite stressed. Sophie is passionate about English Language and is very engaging. Sophie has a lovely manner and  is such a positive tutor. I have personally written to her to also thank her. Overall a very positive experience! 

    Vanda M
  • Sophie is amazing!! She has honestly been so great to have, when I tell other people about all the effort she puts in and all the help she gives me they can't believe it. She is extremely dedicated and I'm very happy to have found her.

    Alex P
  • My son has tutoring with Song for VCE English and he has been brilliant. Lucas formed an instant connection with Song and finds him very helpful. We've only had two sessions with Song but I can already see the confidence in Lucas and a improved mind set in regards to this subject. Song has been very resourceful and helpful and an outstanding young man and I look forward to his continued support to help Lucas through this year. Song is a credit to your business.

  • For years I have been looking for a tutor service that provides a high caliber of professional tutors. Learnmate Tutoring is exactly that but, with much, much more! The user friendly website can be used to search through profiles of tutors making it easy to select a tutor that best matches your requirements. To offer students extra support, additional information such as exam tips and details of workshops are constantly listed on the website. Payment too, is so easy with 3 payment options. Thank you Dmitri, for filling a void and fast tracking the pathway to finding the perfect tutor.

    Nili G
  • Both Nem (my son) and I are quite happy with Arunabh. He is very polite and extremely professional. He had tested Nem on advanced math which was great because that was what my son wanted / wants !! Nem says he was helpful, he's knowledgeable about the subjects, he gave tips for both subjects, he was encouraging, he also questioned me to find out what I knew and what I need to know/learn. Thank you for recommending him. We are glad to have found him!

  • As a parent of a VCE student we utilised LearnMate tutors for a couple of different subjects this year. I can't recommend LearnMate highly enough as a professional service offering excellent tutors. In fact I have suggested to a number of my friends who have children in their senior secondary years that the business is a terrific support for anyone needing the support.

    Ang L
  • Well we are at the very end and I just wanted to say a big thank you to you, your company and of course Danielle. I must say you run your company with such professionalism and promptness, attention to detail and such efficiency and courtesy.  

    Christina M.
  • I just wanted to thank you for your exceptional tutoring service. Chris has been great! Sienna sat her scholarship exam yesterday, so fingers crossed! I will definitely use your professional and highly efficient service again in the future.

    Selina T.
  • Really understands the subject well and teaches it with a passion. Very impressed with his sessions and it has really helped my son a great deal, the fact he is only 1 year older also helps as he understands how stressful and anxious VCE can be and totally can relate to the pupil!

    Leanne B.
  • Excellent site, great service and very impressed with how well everything is handled. Thank you!

    Lesley R
  • I would like to add that I have found LearnMate very organised, professional, supportive and very easy to deal with right from organising a tutor, lessons, the payment process, constant updates on useful information / articles and prompt responses. I have dealt and also still deal with many tutoring providers and I rank LearnMate as one of the top providers. Thank you to you and your team for the constant support.

    Swati C
  • Since starting tutoring sessions with Aaron Hamilton, I have seen significant improvement in my Child's confidence and this has reflected in recent Chemistry results as well as the fact that she is able to understand things a lot better than she did prior to having the sessions with Aaron. I cannot be more complimentary of Aaron – he is professional yet relaxed in his approach to teaching my daughter so that she is confident to ask questions that she is not so confident in asking her teachers at school. Needless to say, I am very pleased with Aaron and and based on this, I would definitely recommend LearnMate to other parents and students.

    Susan T
  • Sapthaki is indeed a phenomenal tutor – not only does she provide key resources fundamental to a deeper comprehension of VCE English, she is also able to clearly explain and assist me in understanding what I need to do to succeed in English in all aspects – orals, language analyses, text responses and comparative essays. Her enthusiasm for the subject is unparalleled, and I would recommend her to anyone who thinks they don’t have the potential to do well in English, as my marks definitely improved after a few sessions with her.

    Uqbah A
  • You treated me more like a friend than a student, which is very nice as I never felt pressured around you to answer questions, like I could answer what I thought in response to your question and you would fix it up!

  • LearnMate offers an invaluable service to help anyone seeking tutoring in VCE. I was paired with a very experienced and qualified tutor who, after only one session, was able to give me the confidence and assistance I need. I would recommend their service to anyone who is struggling or wanting to improve with any of their subjects!

    Stephanie C
  • The service you offered came at the right time for Stephanie who was struggling with English Language concepts. What your business offered us through Luca has been amazing. His patience and guidance lifted Steph two clear grades in her class and SAC work. He instilled knowledge and confidence in her which at the start was lacking. I look forward to sharing with you her final result which I'm sure will be fantastic and will be a testament to the service you offer.

    Brian C.
  • I just wanted to thank you again for putting us in contact with Luca - he is a fantastic tutor and Gemma gained so much out of last night's session. She now has the confidence to tackle her analytical piece on her own - such a turn around!

    Gabrielle S
  • My thanks to you and to the tutors. Congratulations on putting together this service with such amazing young tutors who are able to help our kids with their study by being their study buddies.

    Pamela L.
  • I just wanted to feed back to you our experience with Maria Hormiz. Apart from Nick's increased motivation and so on, he recently sat a practice English Language exam in preparation for the VCE exams and he came top of his class. This never happens for Nick despite being bright and so on. Maria has been amazing! Many thanks. Melanie

    Melanie A
  • Can I also pass onto you about how wonderful Kate Van Berkel has been both in terms of her capability but also her compassion and support of Liam at this time as he has also been suffering from glandular fever. She is a great representative of your organization and is worthy of a big pay rise! Thanks again.

    Rob B.

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Needed quick help just a few days before my son's exams, contacted Learnmate. We got immediately response. Same day in just few hours, everything was arranged, we had a tutor next day. Our tutor was professional, polite, kind and have the knowledge about how to do the tutoring and to get my son interested and listen to him. I can highly recommend this service.
Marjo Winskog
Marjo Winskog
22:45 13 Nov 17
LearnMate is an incredible service. Exceptional customer service on every level. Our math tutor was outstanding. Not only as a tutor but also a mentor. Thank you LearnMate.
Kerry Dawson
Kerry Dawson
03:08 06 Nov 17
Probably the best tutoring service on the market. Looked up a tutor and within 3 hours I was confirmed with that tutor I wanted and had a booking for the very next day. Made life so much easier, and cheaper as well with direct debit and not having to line the pockets of the "big" tutoring centres. A+ experience with LearnMate
Stephen Esketzis
Stephen Esketzis
03:20 16 Oct 17
Very professional Teacher. Have been wasting time and money last 4 years in the Tuition Centres. Just used Learnmate Tutor one to one and found that the system is very efficient, tutor is highly knowledgeable and our child is so happy to go for the lessons unlike earlier our child never interested to go for tuition centre. Hats off to LearnMate Tutoring
Anand N
Anand N
11:55 12 Oct 17
Great team who really prioritize the success of students!
Violet Sattari
Violet Sattari
05:41 12 Jan 18
Excellent, well run tutoring agency with very high standards expected of all tutors. Certainly helping many young Australians succeed in their studies.
Costa Vasili
Costa Vasili
21:56 18 Jan 18
Good quality tutoring. Highly recommend using their services. Also very good use of technology to ease the operational aspects like class reminders, payments and invoices.
Manish Baheti
Manish Baheti
03:47 06 Mar 18
We are very happy with the tutor's knowledge, ability to explain a concept and teach and the enthusiasm. Having discovered Learn Mate I would always choose to use them in the future over other companies.
Laura McLean
Laura McLean
02:02 16 Feb 18
We had an amazing tutor (Christine Zhong) come to our home and helped my daughter to understand some complicated material. She was passionate about getting her to understand the material and was very easy for my daughter to relate to. I was so thankful that LearnMate’s fees are so reasonable and I am now able to afford ongoing tutoring for her. They also have discount packages.
Leslie Lawrence
Leslie Lawrence
09:28 09 Feb 18
Exellent tutor, so helpful in explaining the school topics and studying for exams ,very pleased to recommend !!:)
Cath Roche
Cath Roche
12:48 22 Mar 18
The tutor that I have fromlearn mate is very professional, knowledge , approachable , professional and courteous
Irene Jones
Irene Jones
21:45 23 Mar 18
Great service and high quality tutors. Staff are always on hand to help with any issues. Highly recommend using LearnMate if you are looking for tutors to help you improve your learning or get to the next level!
Henry Ja
Henry Ja
07:29 12 May 18
Two tutors from LearnMate are tutoring my son. My son seems very happy with his tutors. I recommend LearnMate.
Cecilia Tonisson
Cecilia Tonisson
05:54 12 May 18
Easy search to find an excellent tutor - great service and reasonably priced
Terry and Sara Hogan
Terry and Sara Hogan
07:19 18 May 18
Our tutor Megan is always on time to start with. She has worked with our (3) eldest children, being in Grade 6, Year 8 & 9 respectively. Megan has assisted our eldest with her maths 'blockage' to rise from a D grade in late Year 8 to achieving Bs and As mid way thru Year 9.
Andrew Watkins
Andrew Watkins
04:28 01 Jul 18
Highly efficient and experienced organisationBest service
Company123 Support
Company123 Support
02:07 13 Sep 18
Excellent service. Highly recommrnd
boris boris.garber10
boris boris.garber10
02:05 13 Sep 18
Excellent tutor; online system works well.
Ben Potter
Ben Potter
22:31 07 Oct 18
really good tool to find your perfect tutor
11:53 26 Oct 18
Sophia was great. Informative & very pleasant
Rachel Nazha
Rachel Nazha
20:25 20 Nov 18
Finally find a good tutor for my son where the location near our area
Vira Catleya
Vira Catleya
23:57 25 Nov 18

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