How to Find a Good Maths Tutor for Your Child

September 1, 2020joelleva

You’re looking for a maths tutor. But searching for the right tutor can be a long process if you don’t know exactly what your child needs. Let’s explore how you can ensure you will find the perfect tutor for your child.

Before you hire a tutor

It’s important to set a plan before you even begin engaging a tutor. What are your specific goals for your child in relation to maths? Do they need a curriculum to complement their schoolwork or do they just need a bit of extra help with the work they get at school?

First, work out concrete goals: perhaps your Year 12 child is aiming for the top score in the state, or maybe your primary-school child just needs help to improve their confidence because they are struggling to learn from their current teacher. When you contact a tutor, consider asking them how they will help your child achieve these specific goals. This is a great way of making sure your tutor is going to be a good fit.

Characteristics to look for in a good maths tutor

In a market where there are so many tutors, it’s worth taking a bit of time to weigh up your options! The very best maths tutors are:

  • Patient. Maths can be frustrating for the best of students. An impatient tutor creates a counterproductive environment. A fantastic tutor is patient and understanding that every person has different learning needs.
  • Passionate. Does the tutor seem genuinely interested in maths? Just getting a high score doesn’t guarantee that they are passionate about the subject area. Many tutors are also studying maths or maths-related disciplines in higher education: this is one sign that they care about the subject matter and will be able to share that genuine interest with your child. After all, it’s much easier to learn when you find the subject matter interesting and fun.
  • Strong at communication. In order to communicate what your child’s needs are, it’s important to hire a tutor who has great communication skills. This will also mean that the tutor will be able to help your child learn more effectively.
  • Experts. What are the tutor’s credentials? Match up your child’s needs with the tutor’s area of expertise. For example, a tutor who recently received a perfect score in Year 12 Maths might be a great match for your Year 12 doing the same subject, while a tutor who has a degree in primary education could be a better fit for your primary-aged child.
  • Experienced. You could have a PhD in mathematics but still be a poor teacher. Look for tutors with demonstrated experience, as this increases the chances that they will be a great educator.

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