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Private tutors in Canberra

Where can I find a private tutor in Canberra?

Learnmate’s experienced tutors provide one-on-one and group lessons to suit our students’ learning needs. We have a strong cohort of tutors that service a range of locations across Canberra, so whether you’re looking for lessons at home, online, at a public library or elsewhere, you’re sure to find a tutor that suits you.

All tutors have been vetted to ensure they meet a minimum standard of academic excellence, experience or have a relevant teaching qualification. Tutors are provided the opportunity to complete professional training if they haven’t already. This gives you complete assurance that you’re engaging a tutor who is knowledgeable and trusted. Learnmate tutors teach both in-person and online, so no matter your preference, you’re sure to find someone who meets your needs!

We have tutors available to teach English, maths, science, biology, physics, economics, chemistry, and more. No matter what subject you need help with, you’ll find the best tutors in Canberra with Learnmate.

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Private tutors in Canberra by subject

With Learnmate’s network of over 1,000 experienced tutors teaching online and in-person across Canberra, you’re sure to find your perfect tutor in Brisbane. Here are just some of the subjects our tutors can help you with:

Students who complete their senior secondary studies in the ACT will receive the ACT Senior Secondary Certificate (ACT SSC) from the Board of Senior Secondary Studies, or BSSS.

In order to attain their SSC through the standard method, students must undertake at least 4 different A, T, M, H, C or E courses (details on the meanings of the letters designated to each course can be found here) from at least three different course areas. These must include at least 2 A, T or M courses, one of which must be in the English course area. They must also complete a minimum of 17 standard units.

Learn more about the BSSS here.

Fun fact: Canberra was chosen as Australia’s capital city in 1908 as a compromise between rivals Sydney and Melbourne, the two largest cities in Australia.

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