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Learn your way with Learnmate.

Learnmate is a trusted community platform that helps connect students with quality tutors and coaches looking to share their skills, domain knowledge and expertise. Learnmate’s tutors and coaches have been the go-to for individuals and families all across Australia looking for personalised 1:1 or small group learning since 2015.

Whether you are:

  • a parent or student seeking personalised school tutoring support, such as English, Maths, Science or any other Australian school subject (from ELC to Year 12)
  • an individual simply wanting to learn a new language (such as Spanish, Italian, German or French), instrument or skill such as coding, or
  • a professional looking for business or life coaching,

thousands of people from all over Australia come to Learnmate to improve academic performance, learn new skills, upskill professionally or personally and overall boost confidence through tuition and coaching. With hundreds of quality tutors available in-person or online on Learnmate, there's a tutor or coach for every need ready to help you achieve your potential.

All tutors are quality vetted and only accepted to list their services on Learnmate if they meet a minimum level of qualification and experience. We also work with independent providers to ensure we exceed recognised standards in the industry.

We pride ourselves on offering a reliable, trusted and positive experience for everyone in our community and we'd love to see you join.

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The Heart and Values of Learnmate...

The Heart of Learnmate
Learnmate's Values


We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to better themselves through education - whether that’s personally, professionally or academically - regardless of where they live, how old or young they are or their abilities. We make it possible through our trusted platform.


We want to connect people looking to learn and improve themselves with tutors and teachers wanting to share their knowledge and earn or supplement their income.

Champions of change

The heart of what we do is helping people in our community improve themselves, each other and for everyone to achieve their full potential. Whether that’s a better study score, be more confident, help make ends meet or become a better teacher.


Our Learnmate community treats parents, students, tutors and those around us like mates. We respect and support each other while always acting in and assuming others are acting in good faith with the right intent. That’s what mates do.

Why choose Learnmate?

For Everyone

Everyone deserves the opportunity to better themselves through education and achieve their potential — whether that’s personally, professionally or academically — regardless of where they live, how old or young they are, or their abilities.

We make it possible.

Learn Your Way

Whether your ambition is to catch up, keep up or excel at school, to learn a new skill or language, or make the most of your professional or personal opportunities, Learnmate can help you find the tutor or coach to work with you and personalise a plan to help you achieve your goals.

Value for Money

On average, tutors listed on Learnmate are up to 50% cheaper than tutors engaged through agencies and other companies. Use Learnmate to find a quality tutor who meets your budget and only for the duration you need. Avoid being signed up to a set syllabus or program that isn't personalised and which is beyond your budget.

Trusted Platform

We pride ourselves on creating and maintaining a community of the best and most reliable, credible and trustworthy people. We help tutors and coaches put their best foot forward and make it easy for students to find their perfect Learnmate to affordably achieve success.

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