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Why do tutors join Learnmate?

Benefits of being a Learnmate tutor.

Since 2015, Learnmate has provided an exciting and supportive environment for tutors across Australia. Whether you are an established tutor or just getting started in the industry, our platform is here to connect you with thousands of potential customers and make it a breeze to become a successful tutor.

As a Learnmate tutor, you can choose to tutor online, in person, or both. You also have the freedom to determine where and when you want to teach, how to tailor lessons for your individual student’s needs and set the hourly rate you want to charge. Rather than imposing set hourly rates or fixing the amount you are paid per hour like other tutoring platforms, Learnmate provides you the freedom to decide your value and to keep more of what you earn.

Once your registration has been approved, we will provide guidance on how to create your Learnmate profile and you will become visible in search results on Learnmate. We also provide you with access to all of Learnmate’s resources and support, which you may choose to use to assist in your lessons or may need from time to time.

Other advantages of tutoring with us include:

  • Access to our highly innovative online learning platform to facilitate amazing online lessons.
  • Access to Learnmate’s administration portal and support team to manage all of the admin side of tutoring, including calendar management, payment processing and dedicated support services.
  • There is no exclusivity. You are free to tutor independently or with other companies.
  • Low commission of 30% on each lesson completed, which presents excellent value for money to tutors (particularly compared to Learnmate’s competitors).
  • Open invitation to attend educational meetups with like-minded tutors.
  • Access to collaborative Facebook groups with our tutors.
  • And so much more!
Become a tutor with Learnmate

Why tutor through Learnmate?

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We find you students
No need to post ads or chase leads online
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Tutor who you want
Only take on students who suit your subject knowledge and background
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Tutor when you want
Only take on students and schedule lessons when it suits you
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Tutor where you want
Choose to have lessons in-person or through Learnmate’s online platform
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Flat 30% commission
Keep more of what you earn. Don't be paid $25 while being charged out for $80 p/h
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Training, tools and support
Access to leading tutor training modules, full admin tools and service support team at your disposal