Why Join LearnMate?

Established in 2015 to meet the growing needs of students requiring support outside of the classroom, LearnMate is an in-person and online tutoring agency. Whether you are new to tutoring or an established tutor, LearnMate provides you with the proper support and guidance to help you become a successful tutor and provide your students with the skills they need to succeed.

LEARNMATE ALSO OFFERS ONLINE TUTORING! In addition to in-person lessons, LearnMate offers online tutoring to all students, so if you’re new to LearnMate be sure to register for free today: CLICK HERE

Philanthropic Tutoring

LearnMate proudly provides philanthropic tutoring to seriously ill children for Ronald McDonald House Charities Australia.

8,000+ Students

Since our inception in early 2015, LearnMate has successfully helped over 8,000 students nationwide (through in-person and online tutoring) achieve success in their studies!

80,000+ Hours of Tutoring

Our tutors have proudly conducted over 80,000 hours of in-person or online tutoring lessons - that's the same as over 4.8 million minutes straight of tutoring!

1000 In-Person & Online Tutors

With over 1000 tutors and the largest network in Australia, you can get instantly connected to any primary or high school tutor for in-person or online lessons today!

Become A Tutor Today!

Here are just some of the reasons why you should become a LearnMate tutor today!

LearnMate allows you to secure more students easily by providing you with a professional and reputable public profile. Parents and students contact us with their needs and if we find a match, we will refer them to directly to you! LearnMate also allows you to choose how much to charge clients per hour and what is fair for your time, as well as where you’d like lesson to occur!

With LearnMate, you can choose to conduct your lessons with your students either only in-person, online or both! LearnMate gives you complex flexibility and how and where to conduct tutoring lessons. LearnMate has set up a dedicated platform for online tutors, so you may choose to become both an in-person and online tutor.

The tutoring industry can be known for exploitation of tutors and not being fair in paying wages. Did you know that most tutoring agencies take HALF of your earnings?

LearnMate is different. We’re not going to say we don’t take a commission, because we do. But ours is one of the most competitive in the industry, and with that comes complete transparency about where the costs are allocated and unparalleled resources.

We even provide a neat 3 page document highlighting all this when you join LearnMate. How cool!


WHY DO WE DO WHAT WE DO? Simple. We’re all about instilling self-confidence and self-belief that will transcend a lifetime (in areas such as health, wealth and relationships). We want students to believe in themselves and know they can make happen whatever they want to make happen. Know that by joining LearnMate you’ll be part of a bigger mission than just tutoring.

LearnMate is different to other tutoring agencies. We NEVER (did we say never?) lock you into a contract – you are always free to accept or not accept clients, work with other agencies or even work independently. We know how frustrating it can be to be locked into a contract, so this will never happen!

LearnMate provides you with all of the tools and support necessary to help you create a successful tutoring business. We will also provide you with constant and frequent support online and via email/phone. You’ll also be part of amazing meetups with other likeminded tutors, and also access to collaborative Facebook groups.

LearnMate provides you with FREE dedicated tutor support (someone to actually have a phone convo with!) in regards to anything to do with tutoring. We’re here to ensure you feel supported every step of the way and is available to both new and experienced tutors to the site.

LearnMate deals with payments from your students, so you don’t have to chase them up. We even keep track of all the lessons you have conducted with a student over the period. After a lesson occurs with a student, simply log the lesson with us in your online profile and we will collect payment from the student.

LearnMate pays weekly to a nominated bank account, so you can get your money faster. We keep track of all the payments we have made to you over the period. Don’t worry, your payment info is also kept 100% secure on our server and is backed by a 256 bit SSL secure server.

LearnMate provides you with your own personalised calendar so you can add all future lessons to it. Never forget a lesson again! We can also activate lesson reminders for you and your students (via email).

  • LearnMate has definitely helped me connect with students who are passionate about learning. The diversity that LearnMate provides makes our job even more rewarding!

    Violet S – Current LearnMate Tutor
  • LearnMate tutoring is a great agency for tutors to gain access to a diverse range of students. One of the best things about being part of this organisation is that I not only get to help the students that I tutor personally, but also other students as well through the LearnMate blog, where we as tutors are able to write up tips to help students succeed in their VCE. 

    Henry Ja – Current LearnMate Tutor
  • Being part of LearnMate has offered me a great opportunity to combine two things that I love – learning and teaching – into a job that will both support me throughout my university years, and help me to gain valuable experience in dealing with clients, preparing lessons and resources, and conveying information in a way that appeals to all kinds of learners.  LearnMate’s owner, Dmitri, has also been highly supportive and has helped me to establish a vast clientèle conveniently based around my local area.  I am very glad that I seized this chance to become a VCE tutor.  Thanks LearnMate!

    Tim Lilley – Current LearnMate Tutor
  • LearnMate has been an incredibly supportive employer, I have learned a lot under Dmitri and the team's friendly and professional guidance. I started off with no tutoring experience and now can write lesson plans, communicate with students and tutor them at the drop of a hat. Working with LearnMate has made me much more employable as a tutor and helped further my career goals for teaching. The website for tutors makes organising lessons and communicating with students so easy, and having that structure made learning how to be a professional and organised tutor my primary focus. I can't speak highly enough of Dmitri and the team's commitment to supporting each tutor to the best of their ability, handling small and large questions and issues with ease. I'd recommend LearnMate to potential students and tutors alike.

    Emma H – Past LearnMate Tutor
  • My student just messaged me that she was crying because of her English Sac result. I immediately prepared to console her until she dropped the bomb that she got her first ever B+!! She's only ever averaged D's and occasional C's, so she's absolutely over the moon. Just thought I'd let you know about this improvement. I'd also just like to say thank you for hiring me haha. Her excitement and joy at this amazing grade made me so so happy I can't even describe it. My hard work has paid off, and hers certainly has too. Ahh I'm so happy. This is why I tutor; to see their excitement and happiness when they improve.

    Sarah D – Current LearnMate Tutor
  • LearnMate Tutoring has been a fantastic experience, and given me the opportunity to grow my student portfolio. It has enabled me to meet many different students from different schools, areas and abilities. With LearnMate taking care of all my advertising, and the easy session logging using the website, it is a very clean, efficient way of managing students and sessions. It's a privilege to be part of the organisation.

    James Z – Current LearnMate Tutor
  • LearnMate has improved my tutoring business considerably. Along with providing new clients, the LearnMate website has aided me in organising my schedule and broadening the my online presence. The site is user-friendly and allows tutors control over where and when they work.

    Nick X – Current LearnMate Tutor
  • LearnMate has been wonderful with providing training and opportunities which have helped me build my professional repertoire and extend my tutoring skills. This has been a wonderful experience and I've had the opportunity to work with bright, capable VCE students independently while receiving support from Dmitri who has been both communicative and very friendly.

    Kathy G – Current LearnMate Tutor
  • Being a tutor at LearnMate has given me the skills to refine and enhance my teaching methods so as to ensure that each student is truly reaching their potential! The guidance and support from the LearnMate community creates a unique space whereby everyone is engaged with the latest VCE study plans!

    Penny H – Current LearnMate Tutor
  • During my time as a tutor at LearnMate, I have felt privileged to be able to work with and help a wonderfully diverse array of students in achieving their VCE goals through such a great organisation. Without Dmitri's continual support and communication, I feel that my progress as a tutor would have been harder to achieve. I've found this experience fulfilling and enjoyable. It's fantastic to see my students reach their potential!

    Camilla E – Current LearnMate Tutor
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