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LearnMate is an established in-person and online tutoring agency since 2015 allowing tutors to improve themselves and acquire more students. Whether you’re new to tutoring or an established tutor, LearnMate provides you with the proper support and guidance to help you become a successful in-person and/or online tutor to ultimately impact your students. Here are just a handful of testimonials from some of our amazing tutors!

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The tutoring industry can be known for exploitation of tutors and not being fair in paying wages. Did you know that most tutoring agencies take HALF of your earnings?

LearnMate is different. We’re not going to say we don’t take a commission, because we do. But ours is one of the most competitive in the industry, and with that comes complete transparency about where the costs are allocated and unparalleled resources.

With the commission also comes PROTECTION of your payment. With LearnMate, as we securely store our customers’ credit cards on file, you’re guaranteed to be paid when a lesson occurs, so you never have to worry about chasing up payments from student or parent!

Interested in becoming a tutor with LearnMate?

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