Tips on Writing your First Student Resume

January 3, 2021Klein E

Resumes are an important tool for anyone entering the workforce, as they allow individuals to make a great first impression to their potential employers. Students may find it challenging to write their first resume, as they have not had the same practice in doing so. However, there are many handy tips in this easy-to-follow guide for students to write a resume that will present them in the best way possible.

Overall Objective

A great way to start a resume is with an overall objective; a few sentences to summarise yourself and your aims for entering the workplace. It is highly effective if students make this section job-specific, which may require them to slightly edit their resume for each different job they apply for.

Skills and Attributes

Next, students should include a clear list of their skills and attributes which would make them a valuable employee in the workplace. These can be divided into soft skills and hard skills, both of which are important for an individual to include. Soft skills are described as traits that make you a good employee, for example, being a ‘good collaborator within teams’, or being ‘self-motivated with a strong work ethic’. Hard skills refer to more measurable and technical abilities, such as being ‘proficient in various software’s including Microsoft Office PowerPoint and Excel’. Students should aim to list at least 10 of their most promising skills and attributes in this section of the resume.


A student’s educational attainment should then be included on their resume. This can include where they went to school and completed their final exams. Indicators of marks such as their ATAR can also be included, however this is optional. If students are enrolled in university, the name of their institution as well as the degree they are complete (e.g. Bachelor of Science majoring in Biology) should also be included.

Previous Employment and Work Experience

Next, a critical part of any resume is the inclusion of previous employment and work experience, as this will often be the most important aspect looked at by employers. Previous employment refers to paid employment, whilst work experience often refers to unpaid placements or internships. The duration and/or year in which this employment or work experience took place should be included, followed by the title of the position, for example, 2019: Waitressing staff at Betty’s Burgers. Following this, students should include a short description of their role as well as a list of skills and attributes attained from this position, with specific examples. For example, ‘responsible for waitressing, managing phone orders and cleaning – developed skills in multitasking and improved communication through customer service’. Any licences or certifications can also be included here, such as the licence for Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) or drivers’ licence.

Awards and Achievements

It is also very beneficial for students to include a list of their notable awards and achievements on their resumes. These can include scholarships, academic achievements as well as those from extracurricular activities. For example, HSC all-rounder awards, attainments in Duke of Edinburgh or sporting achievements.


Finally, the inclusion of some interests in a student’s resume is a great way to show employers more aspects of an individual’s lifestyle and personality. This section should be kept short, with some examples including sports, travelling and reading.

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