5 Ways to Best Prepare for the HSC!

June 25, 2020joelleva

The HSC is more than a test of intelligence – it is also a measurement of a variety of other factors such as self-control, time management and calmness under stress. Success in the HSC depends on your ability to balance your own particular lifestyle with the academic demands of assessments and exams. To achieve high results in the HSC, you must prepare in a variety of ways.

  1. Create a timetable

Timetables are among the best ways of managing your time. This method allows you to both organise the times when you will be completing school work, assessments or studying and the other times when you will be doing leisurely activities. Timetables will hopefully structure your life in a way that enhances your productivity while reducing stress.

  1. Practice a Variety of Memorisation Techniques

The HSC will require you to take in allot of information and process many abstract concepts. To meet the demands of the HSC it is necessary to hone in on your own ways of memorising information. The integration of techniques such as mnemonics and memory palace (also known as method of loci) would be highly beneficial to your own information retention as a student.

  1. Become Familiar with Each of Your Syllabi

Knowledge of what is contained in each of the syllabi in your courses is paramount to success in the HSC. It is essential that you structure your notes around the core topics and ideas outlined in the syllabus in order to increase your own knowledge of what the course requires you to do.

  1. Constantly Practice your Essay Writing

Essay writing may be an important part of most of your HSC subjects. Therefore, it is necessary that you are writing regularly based on topics outlined in your syllabus or past essay questions from HSC papers.

  1. Seek Feedback Regularly

High achievers consistently seek feedback about their work from teachers, peers and tutors. The key is that you must learn how to best incorporate feedback into your current work. This will allow you to improve over time and increase your performance just in time for the final HSC exams.

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