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“Cement the fundamentals and learn the skills to excel in VCE English!”

We will start with the fundamentals of each essay format and work through the mechanics of constructing an A+ essay for ALL three essay types in the exam!

Date: Friday July 8th 2016
Time: 11am – 3:30pm
Location: Ross House (247 Flinders Lane, CBD)

Hey there!

I’m Henry and I’ve been tutoring English, Philosophy & Global Politics for two years now after graduating in 2014 with study scores of 48, 48 and 43 for these subjects respectively and an ATAR of 99.3. This year I am in my second year of studying a bachelor of Law & Arts at Monash University. In my tutoring I pride myself on being able to imbue students with a sense of confidence that comes from understanding how a subject actually works, something which I have found teachers too often overlook.

I’d love for you to come along so that I can meet you and teach you all that I have to offer in the subject of English in order to give you all the tools that you need to achieve success in VCE and your academic career beyond.

Kind Regards,


Henry Kiellerup – VCE English (48)

“So what exactly is this interactive workshop!?”

What will we cover?

This lecture will run for 4.5 hours including a break for lunch and will comprehensively cover all aspects of the VCE English course. I will focus on all three exam essay types: text response, context and language analysis, as well as dedicating time to tips for studying English and advice for SAC and exam success. Essentially we will start with the fundamentals of each essay format and work through the mechanics of constructing an A+ essay.

Great, but I already know how to write essays!

Well, many students think they do at least, but a recurring trend amongst my students is an underlying confusion of the most fundamental requirements for each essay style and an approach towards overall essay construction that is entirely devoid of any systematic method. So, by establishing a clear, methodological structure to your writing not only will your work become consistent but you will be find it becomes much easier to write under pressure and most importantly your ideas will be communicated to your examiner in a way that makes perfect sense to them and not only you!

What will happen on the day?

On the day, whilst we will of course cover the ‘rules’ and look at how they are ideally applied, we will work together to practice the application of these rules so that you may come away with an idea of how they are applied rather than just how they exist in theory. I strongly believe that guided interaction and contribution are the most valuable activities in a tutoring or workshop environment so I aim to ensure that my presentations are not merely lectures and that you will have the opportunity to apply the skills you are learning through a number of interactive activities. It is worth noting that I will not be teaching any particular film or text as such, but rather focussing on the principles which go towards making an excellent essay on ANY text, theme or article. We will finish the day with a substantial period of English specific SAC, exam and study advice as well as a FAQ which will aim to address general issues and concerns I have found students to have. If there is anything specific that you would like me to address let me know and I will happily include it!

What will I learn?

Put simply, my aim is for all students to come away better equipped with the following skills and knowledge so that they can write with more clarity, sophistication, confidence and speed:

Text Response:

  • Essay structure.
  • Paragraph construction.
  • Essay topic dissection.
  • Methods for comprehensive analysis of themes and ideas.


  • Essay structures for different context styles.
  • Development of abstract ideas and arguments around the context theme.
  • Responsiveness of responses to subtly different topics.

Language Analysis:

  • Essay structure for different article types.
  • Identification of language devices, tone, argument etc.
  • Comprehensive analysis of language devices within a paragraph.
  • Analysis of images and structural features.
  • Identification of overarching effects created through the use of language, images and structure.

General advice for VCE Success:

  • SAC preparation.
  • Exam revision.
  • Note construction.
  • Time management.
  • Exam craft.
  • FAQ.

Date: Friday July 8th 2016
Time: 11am – 3:30pm
Location: Ross House (247 Flinders Lane, CBD)


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