Top 10 Study Tips for High School Students

July 17, 2020Klein E

Studying well is not something that comes naturally to most people. Read on for a combination of tips and tricks which will truly enhance the way that you study!

  1. Keep balance in your life. Successful students agree that spending all of their time pouring over notebooks or on their laptops is not the path to success. We need to give ourselves time away from study to reap its benefits. You don’t need to sacrifice the balance in your life to do well at school.
  2. Find your motivators. Motivation comes differently to everyone. Learn what your intrinsic motivators are. Intrinsic motivators are things which you find personally rewarding – perhaps you really want to know more about a subject which is linked to a future career option, or maybe you enjoy having a definite purpose. On the other hand, extrinsic motivators can still work (though they are less effective). These might include rewarding yourself for meeting a goal or the promise of attaining a certain achievement.
  3. Set clear goals. Goal setting can help set your studies on track. Try setting smaller goals and bigger goals and hold yourself accountable by writing them down somewhere visible.
  4. Get on top of your time management. Time gets away from the best of us. Consider keeping a daily planner if you often find yourself running out of time, and prioritise the most important tasks.
  5. Pay attention to stress. High school can be a stressful time. Many students try to ignore stress, but it is in fact worth paying attention to your stressors. If you are struggling, do seek out help for mental health.
  6. All things in moderation. Don’t believe people who say that in late high school, you can only pick two between study, socialising and sleep. This is untrue! If you maintain a balanced lifestyle, you can still keep doing everything you enjoy doing. Make sure to take time off social media if that is too much of a distraction to your studies. At the same time, you still need breaks from study.
  7. Don’t cram. Instead of packing all of your learning into long study sessions in the days before your exam, revise consistently and for smaller chunks of time. Not only is cramming less reliable when it comes to memory, but it also means you are unlikely to retain the information for long beyond your exam. That knowledge could come in handy down the track!
  8. Don’t do it alone. Make sure to use the resources which you have at hand: consult your teachers, study with your friends, get help from your family members or tutors. Studying is so much more fun when it is shared. Try teaching someone else a concept you’re trying to master.
  9. Make sure your learning isn’t in vain because of the forgetting curve. Psychology students will know all about the forgetting curve: essentially, memory retention declines over time. In the timespan of a month, a learner is likely to have forgotten approximately 90% of what they studied. This means that you need to reinforce new information continually. Practise going over your new notes each night, or revisiting concepts at the end of each week. You will save yourself a lot of effort over time.
  10. Sleep. It has been demonstrated that getting a regular good night of sleep can greatly improve your performance. If you struggle with getting at least eight hours of sleep every night, consider switching off your phone early, or set yourself an early bedtime.

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