What To Do When You Get A Bad Mark

What To Do When You Get A Bad Mark

This article has been written by Lydia McClelland, a VCE French, Music Theory, Literature & VCE English Tutor at Learnmate.

Most people will acknowledge that the final year of school can be a real roller coaster of emotions, with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Often, the motivation you feel for a subject is closely related to the marks you receive, which can go up and down throughout the year. I remember, in Year 12, receiving a mark I didn’t expect, which had a massive effect on my motivation for that subject.

So how do you recover when suddenly you receive a mark that you really weren’t expecting?

Look at the root of the problem

The first thing to ask yourself is why did you score lower than you expected? If you can trace the root of the problem, the likelihood is that you will be able to adjust this, and improve drastically come the next assessment.

Give yourself a break

If you’re feeling like you’re stagnating or not making any progress in a subject, you might need to take some time to focus on something else. It’s possible that you just need to take a step back, and a break, in order to allow progression in a tricky subject.

Seek outside help

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to do it alone! If a bad mark is making you feel down, it’s definitely worth seeing your teacher to discuss what the problem was and how you can improve. If you don’t feel confident asking your teacher, make sure you show your work to friends, parents or a tutor so you know the best way to proceed in the future.

Remember, one assessment’s poor mark does not destine you for a bad final mark. See mistakes as an opportunity to work really hard and improve!



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What To Do When You Get A Bad Mark