Improve At School Without Opening A Single Textbook

July 19, 2020grusha

Sick of studying? Don't stress, because there are many ways you can improve without even thinking about school or work! Whether you know it or not, some of your habits may be detrimentally affecting your memory, mood and performance in assessments or exams. Here are a few suggestions.

1. Get outside
Taking frequent breaks from study is actually essential. If you sit at your desk for hours upon end, you will not be working at your most efficient; in fact, you're probably holding yourself back. A quick walk outside will help you to refresh your brain, and give it the break that it truly needs in order to process all that information that you're trying to learn.

2. Watch your eating habits
Trust me, making sure you eat nutritiously has a great effect on your brain's ability to function. For instance, making sure you get in a breakfast that will sustain you throughout the morning is very important for those early starts at school. This doesn't mean you can't treat yourself every now and then - you deserve it! But don't make it every day.

3. Change your sleeping habits
As psychology students should know, most adolescents require from around 8 - 10 hours sleep per night for optimum functioning. Try to aim for consistency of bedtime, and your body will adapt favourably and get used to going to sleep a bit earlier. Try and limit electronics in the hour before sleeping time, and limit caffeine intake in the afternoon, as these are factors that lead to difficulty falling asleep.

So give some of these ideas a try! You may be surprised at how much of an effect they have.

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