What are the benefits of tutoring?

January 1, 2021Klein E

What are the benefits of tutoring? There are so many reasons you might choose to employ a tutor. Let’s explore some of the biggest benefits.

  • Tailored learning. A tutor allows one-on-one time dedicated solely to you, the student. At school, it is likely your teachers will not be able to help you in such depth and detail. A great tutor will tailor course content to the student, unlike in a school environment, in order to make the greatest difference to learning.
  • Immediate feedback. Do your teachers take weeks to return work to you, meaning you can’t easily learn from your mistakes? A tutor can provide immediate feedback, making sure you’re on the right track. This way, you don’t waste time revising material that isn’t totally necessary.
  • Consolidation of learning. It may be that you find it hard to retain information learnt at school. Tutoring sessions are a good time to revise over content and ensure that you have the best strategies to retain this information.
  • Improving academic performance. This is perhaps one of the most common reasons people seek out tutors. It may be that you are struggling in a subject when compared to your peers, or that you are hoping to be achieving elusive top marks – employing a tutor will get you a step closer to achieving your goals.
  • Improving motivation. It can be hard to keep up motivation for a subject you find tricky. However, employing a tutor on a regular basis can help with momentum. Providing a time every week to work on the subject allows you to see tangible improvements and results and can often dramatically improve motivation.
  • Encourages self-directed learning. A tutor is not there to provide a student with all of the answers. Instead, a tutor will help a student to learn in the best possible way, which means student-directed learning. A good tutor will encourage students to attack questions with lateral thinking and creativity. Getting a tutor should ensure a student learns to be more organised, as they should come to sessions well-prepared and ready to learn with questions about the content they are learning at school.
  • Improves self-esteem and confidence. Tutors are dedicated to helping students grow in confidence and knowledge. If a student is willing to put in some work, tutoring will allow them to see positive results in their schoolwork, often improving their self-esteem. While some students may see themselves as ineffective and unintelligent for struggling in a subject, after tutoring, they should be able to better recognise their own abilities.
  • Skills for later life. A good tutor will help a student to learn how to learn, thus equipping the student with essential skills beyond high school. In this way, tutoring is an investment, and will help you beyond the years that you work with a tutor.
  • Competitive edge. If you’re aiming for the highest marks in Year 12, a tutor can help you distinguish yourself in a highly competitive field. It is likely that a tutor is a recent student who achieved exceptional marks, so they can help you follow in their footsteps.

Evidently, the results from tutoring are different for everyone, which is one of the reasons tutoring is so beneficial: it’s flexible, depending on your needs. Have you ever worked with a tutor? What are some of the benefits you observed?

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