Managing Your Time While Working and Studying

Managing Your Time While Working And Studying

This article has been written by Lydia McClelland, a VCE French, Music Theory, Literature & VCE English Tutor at Learnmate.

Time management for students is often a delicate balancing act. It’s especially a conundrum for students who continue to work while they study. It isn’t always possible to cut out work, especially because of home situations or a genuine desire to get some experience. So how can you manage your time effectively to make sure you can get everything you need done?

  1. Consider making a study timetable. It’s extremely important to be organised, as being busy can lead to forgetting important tasks. You can see more about this in one of our previous blog posts here.
  2. Think about some unorthodox methods of studying. It can be difficult to prioritise study if you’re travelling a lot between school, work and home. Consider how you can study on public transport. Can you record yourself reading notes and listen to them to revise while you’re on the move? Or can you download helpful podcasts to listen to? Usually, you can create more spare time than you think.
  3. Make sure your workplace knows about your situation. It can be difficult to broach the topic, but make sure your manager knows if, say, you’re in Year 12, so they can keep in mind that you may need to cut down on a couple of shifts in busier periods.
  4. Self-care: you absolutely need to keep downtime in your life to stay refreshed. This will probably enhance your performance more than if you took no time away from work and study. Make sure you take breaks between study and still do some activities that you enjoy.

Some of the highest performing students in Year 12 manage to successfully work and study at the same time. Ultimately, you need to work out the balancing act based on your own circumstances, but the effort is never a waste – time management is a lifelong skill.


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Managing Your Time While Working and Studying