Creating a Study Timetable: Study Techniques

January 28, 2021joelleva

It can be difficult to study when there’s nothing to hold you to account: why not make a study timetable? Here are some steps which will help you create your basic study timetable.

  1. Know your existing commitments. It’s worth knowing what you want to prioritise, especially if you know you’re going to be busy with schoolwork. However, make sure you don’t cut out all extra-curricular activities: I managed my time well in Year 12 while playing sport regularly, having lessons for and practicing two musical instruments, and still spent time with friends outside of school.
  2. Estimate how much time you will need for study. Make sure to schedule study at times that work well for you: if you concentrate well in the morning, organise to study then, and vice versa for night. Colour-coding your study and other commitments is a nice way of organising your study timetable.
  3. Leave some room for flexibility. If you fill in every single space in your life it can become exhausting and could even lead to burnout. If you think you’re in danger of overworking yourself, it could be good to schedule in free-time. Everyone needs a rest!

Here’s an example of a study timetable I created, thanks to Online Study Australia:

Study tips

Note that this study timetable is not 100% filled in – it’s important to allow flexibility, as circumstances will usually not remain the same every week. The important thing to do is to always follow the study blocks specified in the timetable. This will create a sense of rhythm through your week, and will make it more likely that studying becomes a habit. Print out your study timetable and pin it somewhere noticeable, whether it be above a desk or somewhere in your room that you can’t miss. Happy studying!

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