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Badges & Verification
Tutor profile with Working with Children Check Badge

WWCC Badge

What is it?

To build trust and integrity in Learnmate’s community, tutors can earn a Working with Children Check (“WWCC”) badge on their profile by providing their current WWCC (or equivalent) to Learnmate to verify.

Being a teacher or tutor in Australia generally means working with children under the age of 18. To ensure the safety and wellbeing of young and vulnerable people in our community, Australia’s States and Territories require that tutors have a valid WWCC (or equivalent) in order to do paid or volunteer tutoring work. All tutors are encouraged to apply for this badge by providing their WWCC (or equivalent) to Learnmate.

How to get a WWCC badge?

If you don’t already have one, apply for a WWCC by following your relevant State or Territory instructions here. Then:

  • Provide your WWCC details to Learnmate using the relevant form providing in the instructions above; and
  • A badge will then be added to your tutor profile once we’ve verified your WWCC.

Qualified Teacher & ATA Trained Badges

What are they?

In addition to a WWCC badge, tutors can earn an ATA Trained badge and Qualified Teacher badge on their profile by:

  • completing Learnmate’s Advanced Tutor Training course, which Learnmate created in conjunction with the Australian Tutoring Association; and
  • providing evidence of a valid teaching accreditation to Learnmate to verify.

How to get these badges?

  • To earn the ATA Training badge, access and complete Learnmate’s Advanced Tutor Training course by following the instructions in the Shared Resources section of your profile or here.
  • Either upload your teaching accreditation to your profile or email it to

Advice for Parents and Students

Ask a tutor for their check

If a tutor has the WWCC badge, you can rest assured that Learnmate has verified that this tutor has been cleared to work with children in Australia.

However, not all tutors will have earned the WWCC badge on Learnmate. You should ask your tutor for a copy of their WWCC (or equivalent) before your first lesson. Your State or Territory should have a free online tool for you to verify the currency of the tutor’s check.

Safe environments & privacy

If lessons are to be in-person with your tutor, make sure you are comfortable meeting in the suggested meeting place and we recommend you don’t share your home or private address until you have built trust and a rapport with your tutor. Try to always meet where others are around.

If you’re engaging in online tutoring, it should never take place from a student or tutor’s bedroom and a student should always have the lesson on loudspeaker with a parent or guardian present or in earshot of the computer.

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