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September 4, 2020joelleva

It’s not only how much you study that matters: where you study is almost as important. Where you choose to study can make or break your levels of efficiency. Sometimes, working at home or at school is just too distracting – seek out somewhere else. Whether it be for solo study, study with friends, or tutoring, check out some of these locations.

Depending on where you live, there are probably a multitude of different choices. Let’s go through some of Australia’s biggest cities: Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane.


  • The State Library of Victoria: you can’t get past this staple in terms of tutoring or studying. It also has free Wi-Fi. However, its popularity, especially on weekends, can make it difficult to get a seat! It’s a good idea to arrive at opening time if you want a good spot on weekends.
  • The City Library has a few branches near or in the CBD.
  • The Royal Botanical Gardens may not be your conventional study spot, but especially if you’re studying laptop-free, it can be great to be close to nature while memorising those definitions. Remember, Melbourne has so many parks – they might be less congested than the libraries.
  • Otherwise, there are many council libraries that are worth a visit in Melbourne – look up your closest libraries for ultimate convenience. You may need to get a library card to access that free Wi-Fi.


  • The State Library of New South Wales: just like in Melbourne, a popular study spot and a quiet area for work. There are also lots of resources you can make use of. However, keep in mind that Wi-Fi is not free here.
  • University of Sydney libraries (Fisher Library and Law Library) are popular beyond students of the university. They feature silent, quiet and group zones, which is handy.
  • Westfield Sydney: this may seem like a strange inclusion, but hear me out. Located in an easy-to-access area, and also featuring free Wi-Fi, the food court could be a good spot to work if you’re trying to save money. To avoid at lunch times, for obvious reasons.


  • State Library of Western Australia: State Libraries are making a strong showing around Australia and on this list, but for good reasons. There are lots of resources here, as well as study rooms you can book.
  • Perth Cultural Centre: has a variety of areas to sit and study, in a beautiful environment surrounded by art. Free Wi-Fi is another bonus.
  • Perth City Library is well-located in the city, known to be a quiet environment.


  • No surprises here, but the State Library of South Australia is known also for being a good study location. There are plenty of computers, scanners and printers you can use. There are several wings you can check out.
  • Adelaide University has a lot of study areas, with varying levels of loudness (as you can expect in a university). The Barr Smith Library is actually open to the public, so no need to stress if you aren’t a student.
  • Botanic Gardens provide a beautiful backdrop for study if you want to be closer to nature than when you usually study.


  • Brisbane Square Library is well-located, large and is a nice, quiet environment to work. You can book meeting rooms here for groups if you’re concerned about getting a spot.
  • State Library of Queensland: obviously. There are study rooms to book, lockers available to store things in, and a variety of different spaces.
  • Check out your local cafe! Brisbane has a great café culture, and more likely than not, cafes will have speedy free Wi-Fi.

What’s your favourite study spot?

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