Private Tutoring or Tutoring Centre: What is Best for You?

November 25, 2020grusha

Many students use some form of tutoring service (either in-person or online) to help get them through the school. Tutors can be a massive help in getting students caught up in areas of the syllabus they may find particularly challenging, as well as advantaging students who choose to use the service to get ahead. Either way, tutoring is an extremely good option for students as getting extra insight and new perspectives from tutors will help them excel in their studies.

Private Tutoring: In-Person or Online Tutoring


There are various benefits when it comes to private tutoring - both in-person or online. Many students find that private tutoring provides them with a much more comfortable setting to ask questions. This is particularly important for students who feel less confident asking questions in class or around their peers, as one-on-one tutoring provides them with a safe space to do so, as well as having the 100% of their tutor’s attention.

Another pro of private tutoring is that lessons will become personally tailored to the student. If students are finding a particular topic challenging, then they can have whole lessons dedicated to them with their tutors, in turn being highly beneficial for their learning progress.

In addition to this, private tutoring will often better meet the needs of a student. Private tutors will often get a good understanding of the type of learner their student is, whether this is a visual, auditory or reading and writing learner. Once they understand this, they can adjust their teaching methods to best suit the student, ensuring students feel comfortable and get the most out of their lessons.

Finally, another major benefit of private tutoring is convenience, as students will usually have the options to receive tutoring in their own homes or local libraries, suiting their busy assessment and study-filled lifestyles! Online tutoring in particular has added convenience in that students can receive tutoring from the comfort of their own homes!


There are however some cons when it comes to private tutoring. The main disadvantage for some people is that private tutoring is relatively more expensive, hence it is not always a viable option for all students.

Another con that students may find with private tutoring is that there is no discussion during lessons with other peers. Discussions and group work have been proven to be very beneficial for a student’s learning. This is because students have the opportunity to hear different views and insights on a topic from multiple different perspectives, which can ultimately broaden their overall knowledge base.

Tutoring Centre


Alternatively, to private tutoring, students often seek group tutoring at a tutoring centre. There are various benefits to this approach that may suit students better, dependant on their needs and the type of learner they are. One of the main benefits students receive from tutoring centres is an increase level of insights and perspectives from other students. This can be from structured group discussions, or simply just by listening in to the questions asked by other students and the answers provided from both the tutor and other peers.

Another pro which is beneficial for a number of students is that tutoring centres are relatively cheaper compared to private tutoring.


However, tutoring centres also have some cons and is typically not an option that is suited for everyone. One of the major things students find problematic regarding tutoring centres is it is a much less personal experience. This may mean students find it harder to ask questions or to focus on the areas they need.

Another disadvantage some student might find about this approach is that it may become distracting with various other students in the centre. This can especially be an issue if they decide to attend tutoring centres with friends, as it may become easier to get off track in conversations and waste time, therefore students must be mindful of this if they find it difficult to focus.

Finally, another con regarding tutoring centre is there is often an element of inconvenience as students do not have the luxury of tutors coming to their homes. This may be an issue if students find that they have to travel long distances or at inconvenient times to get to their lessons.


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