Top 10 Best Techniques & Methods to Study

March 4, 2021Klein E


It has been said time and time again, repetition is key. For a piece of information to be absorbed by the brain, it typically takes three rounds of repetition. Re-writing notes by hand is the most effective study method, relative to only re-reading or re-typing them.

Flash cards

One of the best ways to study for exams is the use of flash cards. Students’ notes should be continually summarized, and flash cards act as a great tool forcing students to be concise due to their limited space. They are also useful for others to test your knowledge with.

Visual learning

Incorporating the use of pictures and drawings is a great way to study for visual learners. Remembering imagery is much easier for some students as they are more likely to recall a picture over words on a page. For example, biology students can study the steps of meiosis by drawing simple diagrams.

Teach someone

Teaching a parent, sibling or friend the HSC content is an excellent study method as explaining things out loud and having a conversation can be very memorable. This also allows students to test the depths of their knowledge through their ability to answer questions easily.


Acronyms are a simple but highly effective study technique. For example, this can be useful for English essays when students need a reminder of the sentence starters in each paragraph. Silly acronyms are often the easiest ones to remember!


YouTube is a fantastic tool for students growing tired of conventional revision methods. Videos summarize topics in a short time and the use of animations, voice overs and even songs can be an effective study change. YouTube also provides explanations from a different perspective for harder to grasp concepts.

Read up

A well-read student is always positioned at an advantage. Background reading from textbooks, articles and online will broaden a student’s knowledge. The more extensive their knowledge of a topic, the easier they will find it is to understand and memorize for exams.

Glossary of key terms

Many courses such as science and business subjects place an emphasis on the use of correct terminology. A study technique to ensure students learn the range of terms in their subject is creating a glossary sheet. This can be particularly effective for multiple choice questions in exams based on definitions.

Write an exam

Above average student’s often make the effort to write up their own exams and use them for preparation. This study method improves a student’s critical thinking and their ability to predict expected questions. This can be achieved by directly following and covering the syllabus.

Past papers

Past papers are a full proof method when studying for exams. They can be completed open book at first, however students should transition to closed book after a few attempts. It is important to check back with the marking criteria and seek feedback from teachers and tutors to ensure they are on the right track.

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