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I am providing a 4 hour jam-packed workshop where I will cover all content in Chemistry Units 3 & 4 – giving you not only revision of Unit 3, but also a head start on Unit 4!

Date: Friday July 1st 2016
Time: 11am – 3:30pm
Location: Ross House (247 Flinders Lane, CBD)

This is the perfect opportunity to continue the trend and keep getting amazing results in VCE Chemistry! VCE is a marathon and not a sprint, so persisting is key to succeeding in your studies!

Hi guys!

My name is James and I am here to pass on my knowledge to current VCE students, hence I will be offering the ability to attend my upcoming Chemistry 3/4 workshop!

I graduated from Scotch College in 2014, and had the privilege of returning in 2015 as the School Captain. I achieved a score of 48 in Chemistry, and an ATAR of 98.70. I have been working as a full time private tutor for 2 years now, currently tutoring over 20 students a week, while also studying a Biomedicine/Commerce Double Degree at Monash University. I absolutely love what I do. I love seeing students understand difficult concepts for the first time, and pushing themselves to reach their academic goals.

I look forward to meeting you in person and helping you achieve your best results.

Kind Regards,


James Zagame – VCE Chemistry (48)

James is one of a kind – he has outstanding interpersonal and communication skills which quickly enable him to engage with his students and adopt his tutoring to their individual learning styles and needs. He quickly isolates their learning challenges and identifies the most time efficient straight forward approach to address a student’s learning difficulties. He is able to make chemistry easy to learn. This testimonial does not do adequate justice to a tutor who is more insightful and understanding beyond his years in his support of the academic needs of his students.

Parent of Current Student

“So what exactly is this interactive workshop!?”

I am providing a 4 hour jam-packed workshop where I will cover all content in Chemistry Units 3 & 4. We will go through topics in Unit 3 to help fill any gaps you may have in your knowledge, while providing you with all the information for Unit 4 in order to perform well in your upcoming SAC’s.

Chemistry can be a very difficult, confusing subject to grasp, with many separate, complicated topics. That is why it is my aim to break down these topics for you in a systematic fashion that makes chemistry easy, more enjoyable, and ensures a greater understanding of each individual concept. My main goal is to help you achieve your best.

In this interactive workshop, we will focus on topics that are most commonly assessed and found difficult by students. I will go over common errors that are made, and details that are often missed by teachers. Chemistry is a big subject. It is content dense, and the textbook is often dry and does not cover all necessary points. It is therefore imperative that you do not rote learn, but understand. I always tell my students that if they understand, they do not need to remember. That is my solution to succeeding in VCE Chemistry.

There will be a key focus on Unit 3 topics such as:

  • Acid/Base Stoichiometry
  • Redox Reactions
  • Spectroscopy including all techniques and methods, both quantitive and qualitative: Mass Spectrometry, TLC, HPLC, GC, AAS, UV-Vis, IR and both H-NMR and Carbon-NMR
  • Organic Chemistry, functional groups, systematic nomenclature, and organic pathways
  • Biochemistry including macromolecules, polymerisation, DNA and enzyme function

While Unit 4 Topics will include:

  • Chemical Reactions and the implications of rate and yield in industry based chemistry
  • Equilibrium including Le Châtelier’s principle, Gibb’s free energy graphs and Ka values
  • Electrochemistry, Faraday’s Law, half equations using the electrochemical series and galvanic cells
  • Calorimetry
  • Green Chemistry and Renewable Energy

In addition, we will go over how to approach specific SAC’s, the exam, and what examiners look for in worded questions. We will revise multiple choice techniques, definitions and key words.

Finally, I will be allowing free access to all of my Unit 4 notes, including what I like to call the ‘Hidden Gems’ in each topic, small concepts and keywords that are too frequently overlooked by teachers and students.

This workshop will include a balance between topic lectures, group collaboration, and problem solving. Groups will work together and share ideas with others, creating a relaxed, friendly environment.   

For my private one-on-one tutoring, I charge $50 per session, however for this comprehensive 4 hour workshop I will only be charging $60 including my Unit 4 notes, and 7 days a week email contact.

Date: Friday July 1st 2016
Time: 11am – 3:30pm
Location: Ross House (247 Flinders Lane, CBD)


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