Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Studying for Exams

September 16, 2020Klein E

No matter how much you try to put exams out of your mind, they will creep up on you! The VCE English exam is scheduled for 10 November, which is less than three months away.

So what should you be doing this far removed from exams? ‘Nothing’ is the wrong answer. There are many things you can do which will not only help you achieve, but also greatly reduce your stress when exam season arrives. Don’t leave it to the last moment!

  1. Set up a study timetable which continues all the way until your exams. Make sure you only schedule study for short bursts of time, in order to optimise your learning. This will allow you to slowly build upon your knowledge and skills in a way which is best for your memory. Your long-term memory is built over time, so cramming is just not going to let you retain that information to the best of your ability.
  2. Practice exams. And more practice exams. Here’s a little secret: high school final exams are as much about knowing how to meet the grading criteria as about knowledge and the application of knowledge. Doing practice exams sets you up to understand exactly how each exam is going to run and how it will be graded. You can find official past exams on the website for your curriculum, and you can also find free or paid practice exams online – although be careful with these, because they are not always as reliable. Remember to correct your exam carefully or get someone else to do so, and then keep notes on your areas for improvement. Make sure you read up on how examiners grade each subject’s exam according to the official examiner’s reports.
  3. Have study sessions with friends. Now, while in-person study sessions seem unlikely in the current circumstances, you can just as easily set up a group call and get down to business. Studying is better when you aren’t isolated, and you often learn things from your friends.
  4. Consider getting a tutor. Some students prefer to find a regular tutor throughout the year – obviously, these students will reap the most benefits. But some students find less regular tutoring in the months leading up to exams gives them the competitive edge they need to perform well. Many tutors are even open to giving only a couple of lessons to get students exam-ready – just reach out and ask them!

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