What to Do When Your Motivation is Running Low

September 17, 2020Klein E

In the midst of what has been a strange, disrupted, and difficult year for everyone, how are we supposed to stay motivated in our studies?

Year 12s now approaching their final exams have encountered some of the worst difficulties, in a year which traditionally carries the weight of expectations and pressure. In Victoria, particularly, students have been confined to their houses for a great length of time.

It’s perfectly natural to be feeling a lack of motivation in Year 12, and even more so in current times. But what are some of the things you can do when you feel like never opening another textbook or logging into Zoom again?

Take a break – but a break that will make you feel better, not worse

It’s tempting when you lose motivation to lie in bed all day watching Netflix or scrolling on Instagram. But if you are really unable to concentrate on your studies, try doing something that feels at least slightly productive. For example, start learning a new skill online you always wanted to do, cook a really nice meal for your family, or read a book. You’ll often find that you feel better about yourself when you look back on a day with a sense of satisfaction at the end – and you might find that if you exhaust all of your other ideas, you’ll have nothing left to do but study!

Eat some food that’s good for your brain

Whether it’s fish, dark chocolate, nuts, or fruit, eating healthy food makes you feel good. Not only does it affect your feelings, but food is important fuel for brain functions. If you’ve been eating unhealthily, it could be a big factor in your lack of motivation.

Try to make concrete commitments with measurable goals

Creating a plan which you are resolved to stick to can help you to soldier through tough times. It’s important to create a habit of sticking to your plan, so start out by setting small goals which are truly achievable no matter what. Then, you can start to incorporate larger goals as you stick to your plan.

Get outside or get moving

Don’t lock yourself inside your room! Even in Victoria (at the time of writing), people are allowed two hours of daily outdoor exercise. Even if you don’t go outside, getting your body moving is very good for you, and breaks often help us accomplish more when we get back to work.

Celebrate small victories

Maybe your teacher has told you your essay-writing skills have improved, or you got a better result on a Maths assessment than earlier in the year. It’s so important to recognise when your hard work has paid off, so find ways of meaningfully rewarding yourself.

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