AFTER ATAR – Finding the Best Fit at University


This article was written by Brandon Shunmugam, a current SACE Biology, Chemistry, Modern History, Maths Studies and SACE English Studies Tutor.  Brandon is currently accepting students, so if you’re interested in her services, you can see his profile here

So you’re finally finished with high school and ready to move on to university. Well, the next couple of months are going to be filled with excitement. The most important thing you need to do now is finding a study plan that suits your needs. Each university offers flexible study options to accommodate each individual’s circumstance and aids to maintain steady work, life and family balance. Whether you’re looking for bachelors, masters or honours degree, here are four study options that universities can offer.

  1. Part-Time Study – studying a course part-time allows you to have that extra time to indulge in the things you enjoy the most. This option is classed as a study load that has less than 75% of normal full-time study and will reduce the number of units you study each semester. However, not all courses allow students to study part-time and be aware that if you choose to study part-time, there may be some drawbacks that will restrict you and your learning.
  2. Online Study – there are multiple degrees that can be studied online, either partially or completely. This flexible mode involves studying your course via online services, such as the university portal and associated programs, without attending campus for lectures and tutorials. This may be a crucial option if you lack the transportation services or time to travel to a university campus.
  3. Intensive Study – this can be useful if you have busy periods during the year with minimal time where you’re able to complete the study. This involves going into university for a few consecutive days, a few blocks (days/weeks) per month or a number of single days per semester – depending on the unit of study. Intensive study plans give you the option to participate in face-to-face discussions whilst allowing you to keep up with the rest of your commitments.
  4. Mixed Mode Study – this study option combines several of the above modes to give you the most flexible study plan that suits your needs. Merging the different study options gives you peace of mind that you can still keep up with your other commitments and activities, through a combination of on-campus, distant and online study.

So there you have it – four study modes that can help you through your university experience. For more information, contact your university of interest for specifics on how to apply for these flexible options and for further details on which option suits you!

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AFTER ATAR – Finding the Best Fit at University

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