Top Tips to Success in Year 11 & Year 12!

October 14, 2020Klein E

Make a to-do list

Before you go to bed every night, sit down and write a list of what work you want to complete in the next day. This could involve using a whiteboard, or even a notepad. Write down each task in order of importance, with the task you want to complete first at the top, and the least important task at the bottom of the list. If you suffer from procrastination and struggle to get started due to the large pile of work sitting on your desk, start with the smallest or shortest task. This will build yourself up to doing the more hefty tasks! I would find that completing something small first would give me the motivation to go on and complete the rest of the to-do-list.

Keep on top of your work

I’m sure most of your teachers will have told you this tip by now, but it really helps if you try to stick by it. There will be times throughout the year when you will fall behind, so there is no need to stress. However, you can minimise this stress by using weeks where you don’t have much upcoming work to get ahead or catch up on your work.

Write notes throughout the year

I found that writing comprehensive notes for SACs throughout the year saved me copious amounts of time at the end of the year, as I could simply combine all my SAC notes to form my exam notes. If possible, try to make these notes in-line with the Study Design as you move throughout the year, to prevent you from having to update your notes at the end of the year. 

Study well for sacs

Although some people may tell you that “SACs aren’t important”, and to only worry about the exam, they aren’t entirely correct. Although SACs can be subject to scaling and the exam is often a larger proportion of your study score, the SACs act as a building block to the exam. Therefore, it will be very difficult to achieve great marks on the exam if you haven’t got the foundations from studying for SACs throughout the year.

Contrary to belief, it is not the SAC marks themselves that are important, but the studying and effort that you put into each SAC. If you use each SAC as exam preparation, you will have a good foundation of knowledge that you can use during SWOT Vac. You will be surprised how much you retain at the end of the year if you study well for your SACs throughout the year, thereby saving you from the stress of trying to learn everything at the end of the year. 

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