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October 22, 2020Klein E

Year 12 can be an incredibly stressful time, from committing to assignments to keeping up with your well-being. But, perhaps we can help you out in the former. Certain subjects require guidance from someone who has previously been through the same level of intensity and teachings as yourself. That is when a tutor comes in handy!

A tutor should be someone that can provide both practical and emotional support. Sometimes, despite your hard work, attaining high grades can be difficult. But, a tutor should be able to guide you through your downs.

When on a search for a tutor, it is important to recruit someone who not only has done well on the subject but has also developed an efficient personal method to study. This way, you can implement some new ways to study the same material. For example, while you may have used highlighters to help you remember the important concepts of a subject, a tutor might suggest using flashcards as a more efficient manner of learning.

Another factor to look out for is whether your tutor provides you with feedback that is both positive and critiquing. Of course, we all love hearing the good stuff, but adhering to mistakes and understanding how to improve your weaknesses is a crucial point in education. However, if your tutor only points out the negative, then perhaps you should reconsider.

Communication is key! You must ensure, from the very first session with your tutor, that you are comfortable in talking with them about the nature of your struggles. If you find them extremely intimidating or stubborn, it may be difficult for you to ask for help. Furthermore, you should feel safe in a study environment, in that you can talk to them about a subject they may have misjudged you on. Tutors can make mistakes too! If you feel that a tutor’s assessment of your work has been inadequate, you must be able to bring this up to them.

Lastly, tutors should have a plan and be able to address your needs as a student. From your very first class together, you will generally have an idea as to whether the tutor is able to connect with you, study-wise. Practically speaking, if you tell them that, say you have trouble with calculus, are they addressing your difficulties successfully? Are they floundering or are they confidently creating a plan for you to improve your skills?

Generally, as a student, you will inherently have a good idea as to whether a tutor is excellent at teaching or not. Hopefully, this guide has aided that process. With hard work and good guidance, year 12 should be a bliss! Good Luck!

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