Why You Should Have A Data Book for VCE Chemistry

March 1, 2021Klein E

Importance of having your own Data Book for VCE Chemistry

As you should be aware by now, in your end of year exam you will be given a copy of a data book, which contains a plethora of information. It contains everything from the periodic table to acidity constants for some weak acids.

The information in the databook is information that you don’t need to learn off by heart (obviously!), however, you should be able to use it in an efficient manner. Many students waste valuable time in the exam, flicking through the databook looking for information and this could impact on your performance on the exam. This is why having your own data book and using it every time when you are answering questions throughout the year will ensure that you know where everything is.

In the exam, there will certainly be a question or questions that will require you to refer to the databook. It may not be explicit, but you will need to refer to the databook during your exam. Getting familiar with how the databook is set out now will ensure that you will be able to turn to the right page if you need certain information from it during the exam. This will save you valuable time in the exam, which can be spent on answering questions instead of spending your time trying to locate information in the databook.

Print of a copy of the data book from the VCE Chemistry page and get into the habit of using it every time when you are answering textbook questions or in your SACs and especially when you are doing practice exams at the end of the year.

Here is the link to last year’s Data Book:


Have fun!


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