5 Habits of a High Achieving ATAR Student

June 23, 2020joelleva

In the lead up to exams, true accomplishment comes from developing key study and lifestyle habits that are going to ensure you go into finals with the right attitude. Here are five habits that can help you start preparing for your exams and achieve the grades that you want! Remember it only takes 21 days to form a habit so the time is now!

  1. Make a study plan (and stick to it)

Set yourself small tasks to do for each subject and build it up in the lead up to exams. This way you’re walking in well prepared with all your knowledge down pat.

Don’t overcomplicate your plan. It can be as simple as the one I made!

  1. Eat

Foods rich in protein such as almonds, eggs, and chicken have been proven to improve long-term memory retention. This ensures that your brain won’t have to work as hard in remembering all the content you have learned over the year

  1. Exercise

Going for a ten-minute walk or jog can not only give you a much-needed break from the books but it can also boost your productivity.

If you’re like me and you don’t like exercise meditation is a great alternative which can help calm your nerves as well as develop long-term memory

  1. Go to bed early

A good night’s sleep gives your brain time to create connections between the content you have learnt throughout the day

  1. Practice

I cannot stress this enough. The more practice you do leading up to the exams, the better you’re going to perform. Make sure to expose yourself to as many different types of problems as possible so you’re well prepared

The above habits have worked for me time and time again. I hope you find these helpful and good luck for your exams!

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