What Your Study Scores Actually Mean (VCE)

December 4, 2020Klein E

Is it true that only study scores over 40 are ‘good’? While a study score over 40 is traditionally recognised by publication in the newspaper, let’s break down what your scores actually mean.

Firstly, study scores are a comparative measure of achievement in a subject. This means that rather than a grade, they actually represent your performance in comparison to every other student who took the same subject. This is why scaling exists, an attempt to account for higher or lower levels of competition in some subjects.

If you take a look at VCAA’s webpages explaining study scores, you can get an idea of where your study score places you. Simply, the mean study score of every subject is 30, with a maximum of 50. In subjects where there are over 1,000 students enrolled, 93% of students score over 20; 53% of students score over 30; only 15% over 38; 9% over 40 and 2% over 45. Thus, the significant middle-range lies between scores of 23 – 37, according to VCAA.

As a tutor, one of the most common goals I hear from my students is, “I just want to get a 40…” However, what is worth remembering is that this means you will need to outperform 91% of the state in that subject, which is no mean feat! Ultimately, what counts is the effort you put in. Everyone begins Year 12 from different starting points, and for some, scoring over 30 in a subject is a significant achievement. As everyone receives their results in little over a week from now, I want my students to remember that whatever they score, I am still so proud of the efforts they have put in this year.

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