How to Study for VCE Physics - The Three Common FAQs!

May 12, 2021joelleva

1. How do I get through Electricity/Motion/Magnetism?

It is perfectly normal to struggle in at least one of these major fields of study while excelling in another. So use analogies! For example, in motion, when a particle is placed in a gravitational field, its MASS will affect its direction of movement. In electricity, when an electron is placed in an electric field, its CHARGE will affect its direction of movement. The concepts are comparable to each other, making it easier to understand the more confusing one.

2. What should I pick for my optional study/practical investigation?

As the theme implies, pick something practical! Your teacher will most likely provide a list of topics for you to choose from. In Unit 2, AoS 2 allows you to pick a topic to study as an area of interest while AoS 3 involves a practical investigation. In both cases, you should always select a topic that will complement the content in Unit 3/4. This will save you time on learning future content, allowing you to focus on revision for achieving a higher ATAR!

In Unit 4, AoS 3 is a practical investigation SAC. Select a topic which you are technically sound in. If there are none such available, select a topic you are passionate about or at the very least, have an interest towards. You will want to get the most out of the assessment in terms of grades and learning experience.

3. What should I include in my cheat sheet for an exam?

75% of the cheat sheet should have formulas not provided in the formula sheet and diagrams for field and force directions, such as the inclined slope and banked angle force triangles.

25% of the cheat sheet should have written explanations on commonly asked concepts, such as apparent weightlessness, namely the concepts which you have trouble recalling.

If you have some extra space left, write a checklist of common silly mistakes made when showing working!

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