How to Study for VCE Business Management - The 3 Common FAQs

May 3, 2021joelleva

1. How do I study for Business Management?

Firstly, use the dot points of the study design to create your notes to ensure that you aren’t missing any concepts! Start to do practice questions throughout the year, not just when its exam time. In particular, look at areas in past exams where students didn’t do so well, read the assessors comments, and find out what the issue was and learn from it. Also, practice lots of 10 mark questions leading up into the exam so you understand the structure of how you will tackle it in the exam. Make sure to seek feedback from your teachers on these questions so you can better understand ways to improve them.

2. Are definitions important?

Yes! Where possible and reasonable, begin your answer to a question by defining the key term/s so you can impress the examiner and show them that you understand the content. Not only do definitions help you gain marks, but they make it easier to structure your answer by preventing yourself from going off track.

3. How do I structure my questions in business management?

Before starting to answer a question, you should firstly look at the task words in the question (i.e. distinguish, compare). It is important that you the meanings of these task words and the requirements of each word. Essentially, if you do not address the task words, you will most likely not be answering the question properly. Misunderstanding task words is a key area that prevents students from getting full marks. For most questions I would start with a definition of the key term/s. Finally, it is important that you link each answer to the question, especially if it is a case study. This can be as simple as mentioning the name of the organisation in the case study or providing specific examples in your question that relate to the case study if applicable.

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