From School to Uni: The Transition

October 11, 2020joelleva

The biggest relief in the world will be the day you finish your last exam, and it is time to do all the crazy things which you all have planned over the course of year 12! But for most of you, another adventure awaits 4 months after that final exam day… UNIVERSITY! Stepping from secondary school to university life is a huge step, and it is important that you all are mentally prepared for the changes you will be exposed to soon. Here are 3 hacks that will keep you prepared!

  1. There’s no coordinator to chase you around- that means FULL freedom! In university, you have the liberty to make your own timetables and structure it the way you want it to, and leave other days free to fulfil your own commitments! Also, you are solely responsible for your own studies and your academic progress- if you are struggling and not attending your tutorials/lectures, no one reminds you about your attendance or offer you assistance UNLESS you seek for help!
  2. Money, Money, Money- Cash runs out of your pocket without even realising how much balance is left in your account! Once you step into university life, almost EVERYTHING costs money; from food to uni parties to books/course material….  and it drains out relatively quickly, and soon you see that $2.50 remaining in your bank card! It is essential that you strategically balance your expenditures and find ways to get some pocket money in your hands- whether it's via part-time work or participate in those short cash research surveys which many researchers throughout the uni conducts! Also, you have to figure out ways to save money, especially on textbooks, which cost over 100 bucks for each book, if you buy them firsthand! So, the lesson here is, KNOW YOUR FINANCES!
  3. Friends- Even if you have friends from your old school who do the same course or attend the same university, they will slowly start to drift apart, due to the nature of everyone’s timetables/commitments, and soon you will find out that you are a LONER! University can be an exciting time for many, as you can meet new people with similar interests or who do the same subjects as you! But the TRUTH is, making those new connections at first is the hardest bit! Since you all are on the same boat, everyone is shy to introduce themselves and start the first convo, making things all difficult for you! To make new friends at university, you must break the ego barrier down and just say HI, and you are off to a whole new friendship, potentially lasting forever!

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