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August 4, 2020grusha

Maths is unlike many other subjects as its skills are forever being applied and improved, like a master chef developing his culinary skills over his career. Much like the chef, a maths student must first grasp the basics before tackling more complicated problems.

I found to achieve success in Maths Methods in year 12 (in 2016), I first consolidated the basic principles surrounding the topic.

For instance, before I dealt too deeply in indices, I made sure my understanding of index numbers (e.g. 102  103) was improved by consolidating what was ambiguous. In doing so, you immediately set yourself up for success in your relevant topic.

As these prior maths principles were taught in earlier years, it is easy to obtain material to improve your understanding through your teacher, head of the maths faculty or the library (e.g. ‘algebra for dummies’ books)

I completely appreciate that time is precious (especially in year 12) so a quick and effective method I used to prepare and study for maths was to create a simple maths study timetable. This allowed for a diverse and consistent exposure to questions which would likely be used in the test.

For instance, I will schedule to do five to ten questions to apply what I learnt in the maths lesson that day. Whether that be from the textbook or additional sources, this consistent application of what is learnt ensures that any ambiguity is removed quickly and an understanding of the course material is obtained before continuing onto the next aspect of the topic. This ambiguity can be removed by seeking help from a teacher or your peers. On that point, I definitely encourage an open dialogue with both your teachers and peers regarding your work. This encourages new ideas and critical thinking to problems you would not otherwise have thought of.

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