How To Memorise Formulas & Concepts

February 20, 2021joelleva

There are a lot of formulas and concepts to remember in Chemistry and not all of us have good memories to remember all those things!

How can you ensure that you remember all the formulas and concepts you learn over the year, so so that you can put them use come exam time in November?

Sticky notes are your answer!

Sticky notes are a great way to help to memorise key formulas and concepts in Chemistry. All you have to do is write down an important concept and stick it somewhere, where you will always see it e.g. your study room. You will constantly be exposed to that formula/concept and this increases your chance of remembering it. 

Below is an example on something that you can write down on your sticky note, if you are having trouble remembering what occurs at the anode or cathode in a galvanic cell. 

So what are you waiting for… head down to your local Officeworks and buy a pack of sticky notes and start writing.

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