Person Christmas' instead of 'Father Christmas'

December 5, 2020grusha


I just want to bring to the forefront the idea of being LINGUISTICALLY AWARE. What exactly does this mean? It means seeing real-life language example around you in the media and so forth and using these in your essays to achieve success.

Over the holidays, I was browsing through (a great place to find examples) and I happened to come across an article that spoke about how there is a desire and pushes to change 'Father Christmas' to 'Person Christmas' to reflect gender fluidity in society.

Always remember that LANGUAGE IS A DIRECT REFLECTION OF WHAT IS HAPPENING IN SOCIETY AT ANY GIVEN TIME. Whenever there is a push to change language in society, it's usually in direct correlation to shifting social and cultural values.

In this case, the social value being gender fluidity. This is the idea that our gender identities are not fixed and that people may identify as a mix of both male and female, and as a result it has sparked a whole new debate on social media: namely that Santa Claus should be gender fluid.

Now, whether or not you agree with this is beyond the point - we look at this objectively and state what is, rather than what should be.

This would be a great example of Unit 3 AOS 2 essay that looks at political correctness, so make sure you save this to your repertoire when you need it then!

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