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We talked previously about how the ATAR is used to get into university. However, you may not get the ATAR required to get into your dream course, but that doesn’t mean your journey ends there. Universities have various pathways that will allow you to study your dream course, so don’t be disheartened when you don’t get the ATAR that you wanted.

We are going to use Monash University as an example of a pathway scheme. Other universities have similar schemes as well, and you should be able to easily find these on their websites.

The number one tip we can offer you on university entry pathways is to ask the university themselves. Go to their Open Days and ask people from the admission’s team your questions on pathways into university.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on the research done by the authors. If you want to find out more about the pathways into Monash University you will need to contact the relevant person at the university for more information. The author does not guarantee the accuracy of the information presented here. For up to date information visit the Monash University website.

Pathways into Monash University:

Monash University has a number of pathways into various courses that are designed for people who did not get the ATAR they needed to get into their desired course.

  • Diploma of Tertiary Studies: The Diploma of Tertiary Studies or DoTS is a way to get into Monash to study business, business administration, education or nursing if you didn’t get the ATAR you needed. It is a one year course at Monash Peninsula campus.
  • Diploma of Higher Education: This course is for those who have completed Year 12, but did not meet the entry requirements for their course.

Information obtained from:

Pathways to Law:

This is a new pathway into Monash law for students who have missed the clearly-in ATAR for law. It is only available to those who identify as an Indigenous Australian, live in a low socio-economic area or have experienced financial hardship you could be eligible.

Monash Guarantee and SEAS:

The Monash Guarantee can get you into a Monash course even if you don’t reach the course’s clearly-in ATAR (Information obtained from:

You could be eligible for the Monash Guarantee if you:

  • have experienced financial disadvantage
  • live in a low socio-economic area
  • are an Indigenous Australian
  • attend a Monash list under-represented school

Go to this link for more information on the Monash Guarantee:

SEAS adjust your ATAR in recognition of circumstances that may have affected your education. This gives you a better chance of getting an offer for the course you want.

You’ll receive additional points depending on the severity of your circumstances. The points are added to your combined study scores and your ATAR is recalculated.

Go to this link for more information on SEAS:

Internal and External Transfers:

It is generally possible to transfer either from one course to another within Monash University or transfer from another university into Monash. Whether they will accept you depends on a number of things e.g. your academic results, whether there is any space to accommodate you, etc.

The process of transfer is dependent on each faculty within the university, and so if you are interested in this option then you will need to speak to the relevant people at the university.

Internal Transfer = transferring from one course to another within the university. E.g. Transfer from Arts to Law. Generally, you would have been accepted into one course but you want to move into another course at the same university.

External Transfer = transferring from one university to another. E.g. from Deakin University to University of Melbourne.

Takeaway message:

The main takeaway message here is that there are various pathways into university if you didn’t get the ATAR needed to get into the course straight from high school. Each university sets its pathway schemes, and you will need to talk to people at the relevant university to see how their pathways work.

Other university pathway schemes:

Deakin University:

La Trobe University:

Victoria University:

Swinburne University:

Federation University:

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