How parents can support their children as they get their ATAR results

December 14, 2021joelleva

ATAR results or “Australian Tertiary Admissions Rankings” are being released to Year 12 students across Australia as of this week (see release dates for each state curriculum below) and there’s a general sense of stress and anxiety.

Year 12 Release Dates 2022
SACE / NTCET : 8.30 am on Monday 13 December 2021
TCE: Wednesday 15 December 2021
VCE: 7:00 AM, Thursday 16 December 2021. 
Queensland Year 12 ATAR results: 8am – 9am on Friday 17 December 2021
WACE: Monday, 20 December 2021
HSC: Monday 24 January 2022.
ACT Year 12 ATAR: Thursday 20 January 2022

As a parent, you’ve seen first hand what this year has been like for your child: the hours and effort they’ve put work towards achieving the score they need to unlock the next stage of their lives. It may feel like their entire future is riding on these four digits.

As their parent, you have the ability to offer perspective and reassurance during this daunting and exciting transition regardless of the ATAR result they receive.

The team and community at Learnmate have both been in your child’s position before - waiting for the moment to receive our ATAR / Year 12 results - and have rounded up some of our best tips on how parents can support their child as they get their results and afterwards.

Tip 1: Allow them to feel what they feel

Not every teen will be running to their parents or guardians with their ATAR results. For some, learning that they did not receive the ATAR score they need can come as a disappointment. It’s a big shock they need to process before they share this news with you.

Give your child a day or two to process then find the right time to connect. Validate how they’re feeling, acknowledge the effort they’ve put into year 12 and ask how you can best support them.

For the teens that are excited and willing to share their results, it’s important that you share the excitement too! After all, putting your child through 13 years of school is a big parental achievement!

Tip 2: Support your child’s decision

Your child may have his or her heart set on a dream course or university. As much as you might want to help “set” them on the right track or make a particular choice about their future, they must ultimately decide and own this decision. 

When your child sets their degree and university preferences, take this opportunity to learn why these in particular are of interest to them and let them know that you’ll support them in considering and deciding on their options. Help guide them through the options so they make an informed decision.

Tip 3: Help uncover alternative pathways

Know that alternative pathways and study options exist and universities are often willing to assist students in determining what’s possible for them. Your child can book in-person or phone consultations to learn about different career pathways if they didn’t receive the ATAR they need.

Australia is known for having an excellent range of universities and courses. We have included a list of some popular universities with links to their course handbooks below.

If a 3-5 year university degree is either not what your child is after, or if they didn’t satisfy the entry requirements they needed, consider alternate courses and training. Universities and online training organisations are now offering a wide range of ‘micro-credentials’ that allow students to pursue certificates and training in specific skills and areas. A good starting place to find micro-credential training courses is on university websites but try Google as well.

Since 2015, Learnmate has over 1000 tutors have joined Learnmate’s in the community -  many of whom have graduated from high school, went onto university or took another pathway and are now aspiring neurosurgeons, mathematicians, doctors, pilots, teachers and more. 

Reach out to our team or one of our tutors These are the people your child can find and reach out to and learn about their experience and what tutoring through Learnmate can do for their career.

Bonus Tip: Work Experience & Earning an income

Between now and the first week of university, or if your child simply isn’t sure what to do next, your child may have plenty of spare time up their sleeves. By all means, they deserve to celebrate their 13 years of schooling and their hard work with friends this past year and take a break.

If your child, however, shows interest in gaining work experience and earning an income, tutoring with Learnmate could be an option.

Since 2015, Learnmate has provided an exciting and supportive environment for tutors across Australia.

As a Learnmate tutor, your child can choose to tutor online, in person, or both. They can also choose where and when they want to teach, how they want to adapt classes to their specific students' requirements, and how much they want to charge each hour. It’s an amazing platform and community to help your child start their professional development or capitalise on their recent academic successes.

To learn more about tutoring with Learnmate, visit

About Learnmate

Learnmate is a trusted Australian community platform that connects students who want 1:1 or small group study support, with tutors who are looking to share their knowledge and earn an income. From primary school to high school subjects — from science and maths to niche subjects like visual communication — Learnmate can help you improve academic performance or boost confidence, at your pace with the tutor that you choose.

We pride ourselves in offering a reliable and positive experience for both our students and tutors. Every tutor that joins the platform is vetted to meet a level of academic excellence, teaching qualification or relevant experience. All tutors are provided the opportunity to complete professional training.

Students and parents can easily find and screen for tutors based on their location, their subject results or skill level, and whether they provide in-person or online sessions. Learnmate is proud to provide tutors in Melbourne, Sydney, Geelong, Brisbane, Hobart, Canberra, Perth & Adelaide, and other locations.

Go online and let Learnmate help you get ahead. Start your search today.

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