Math Methods - Conquering differentiation

November 28, 2020grusha

If you’ve just finished year 11 and are taking Math Methods next year, this article is for you!

Differentiation is an absolute must in order to be successful in this course. Many students struggle to differentiate, but usually don’t realize that most of the time, their struggles simply boil down to a lack of practice. That is why the best way to achieve a high level of skill is to grab the bull by the horns and start practising early.

IMPORTANT: from my experience as a tutor, mastering the key skills of differentiation takes on average only about 5 hours. "Only" because differentiation takes up about 25% of exam 1! So you can score 25% of all marks after just a few hours of study! Quite a good investment of your time if you ask me...

Here’s how to break up those 5 hours :

  1. Polynomials and trigonometric functions
  2. Product and Quotient rules
  3. Exponentials, logarithms and roots
  4. Composite functions (tricky, but essential !)
  5. Review and practice

If you are interested in subscribing for 5-hour course (broken up into 5 sessions), get in touch. Getting ahead is the best way to cruise through Math Methods.

Below, you can find a few functions from past examinations that you will need to know how to differentiate :

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