How to Maximise Online Lessons for Tutors and Students

April 2, 2021joelleva

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, services worldwide are adapting to survive, from universities to supermarkets to cafés. Similarly, when it comes to tutoring, there are necessary changes to be made in order to reduce any possible risk of in-person transmission. This is an unsettling situation for students and tutors alike as they navigate changes in every sphere of their lives, inevitably leading to a host of questions and concerns.

What are some of the ways tutoring might migrate to a virtual environment?

First of all, students and tutors need to pick a software with which to facilitate connection. Some of the most popular choices are Zoom and Skype, while others prefer Google Hangouts, or the paid website, Google Meets (to which most university and school students are granted free access). Zoom and Google Meets have some interesting functions and are optimised for shared learning, allowing tutors and students to share files on their screens. On the other hand, Skype and Google Hangouts have less functions, are slightly less complicated and require less time put into them in order to be fully understood. Tutors should educate themselves on these different programs in order to provide ultimate flexibility, so that they can consult with their students as to which option best suits their learning.

But what happens if your home internet simply isn’t good enough for a video call?

This is a tricky issue to fix, as most libraries where students and tutors alike could previously find reliable Wi-Fi are closed. If a video-call connection is unstable, students and tutors should try switching off their videos, which can improve the connection. In a worst-case scenario, those with enough mobile data should consider hot spotting their computers, or a tutor could simply give their student a regular phone call and continue to work on shared documents online together (internet connection permitting). It’s worth noting that students can alternatively connect to Zoom simply by calling – thus using no data or Wi-Fi.

How can we ensure that learning is maximised in a new way?

Previously, students could bring along worksheets and paper documents to show their tutors in-person. Online lessons can require a bit more advance planning. Students should consider sharing documents with their tutors before lessons, perhaps even taking photographs of hard copy work they would like to share with their tutor. Likewise, tutors could benefit from sending students a quick reminder to prepare for the lesson to ensure the best learning experience.

What are some of the potential benefits we might discover which are unique to online tutoring?

As some may have recently discovered, online tutoring provides ultimate convenience to student and tutor alike! Cutting out travel times to tutoring locations gives students more time to study and tutors more time to prepare. Furthermore, the advanced technological functions of programs which connect people allow new methods of teaching: for example, tutors might learn how to harness screensharing and online documents to improve collaboration.

Of course, most tutoring will likely revert to in-person learning once the situation is safe enough to do so, but who knows how many people will decide they in fact prefer online tutoring once they experience it?

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