Is A Gap Year A Bad Idea?

November 21, 2020grusha

As every student knows, most people seem to have an opinion on whether or not you should take a gap year after school. It is a massive decision, after all! In the end, you need to work out what suits you best, as everyone’s journey is different.


  • A gap year will give you more time to think about what it is you actually want to do after school – so a good option if you are really unsure about the future.
  • Reduces the risk of burnout if you enter university afterwards. It has actually been shown that students who took a gap year before entering university get better grades on average.
  • You get to do things totally different from your studies, whether it be travel, work, volunteering or anything you choose. A gap year gives you the opportunity to explore what you’ve been curious about but never been able to try, and will hopefully provide you with amazing life experience.


  • Gap years can be very expensive, especially if you plan to do a lot of travelling. In the end, it can end up simply delaying further studies, meaning you could end up finishing your studies later than all of your friends.
  • Too much freedom can be a bad thing. If you’re someone who likes structure in their life, a gap year can be daunting and stressful.
  • It’s easy for a gap year to turn into gap years… if you’re someone who doesn’t really enjoy study, a lack of planning in advance could mean you never end up pursuing study which leads to a career you were considering.

Ultimately, when considering a gap year, you are the most important person. It all depends upon your goals in life and where you want to go. Write up your own pros and cons list and see where life takes you.

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