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An important read for Legal and Business students

Legal Studies and Business Management Units 3/4 do not often classify as prerequisites for admission into university degrees however you will find that both these subjects provide a thorough introduction to core subjects in a Law or Business degree.

In Legal Studies Unit 3 Outcome 2 you will explore the Constitution on an introductory level. Some of the basic principles, sections and cases learnt in this Outcome such as s 109 and the Tasmanian Dams case will be analysed in more depth in university subjects like Australian Constitutional Law. In Business Management Unit 3 Outcome 2 you will explore management structures and styles that often find its way in various Management subjects in Business and Commerce degrees.

As Year 12 students, a high ATAR score may appear to be the ultimate goal, but there is more to your final year than this alone. Learning should remain with you in the long term and therefore the principles and ideas that you learn in such subjects will not only carry through in your tertiary education but also with life in a more general way.

Legal Studies provides you with a better appreciation of our legal and political system. The reasons why we vote our leaders into office become more apparent, including how our adversarial court system serves to provide fairness and equality for disputants. Business Management provides understanding of how to optimise efficiency, maintain motivation and better productivity in a work environment. Locke’s goal setting theory including the elements of a S.M.A.R.T goal is frequently used in various workplaces and thus studying these techniques now provides for better appreciation as they arise in your future career.

VCE may be daunting if all you see are homework tasks, practice SACs and exams. Instead, understand the value of content taught in subjects like Legal Studies and Business Management- you will be surprised how often they pop up in your daily life.

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Infomation for VCE Legal & Business Management Students – LearnMate